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Everyone knows the annular saw is a job armpit admired for chopping up plywood and abbreviating off two-by-fours, but this small, carriageable apparatus is acceptable for a lot added than aloof that. For DIYers, makers, and remodelers of all stripes; a appropriate annular saw is a charge have. It will accomplish beeline cuts in all sorts of wood, from solid barge to plywood and medium-density agenda (MDF), and boasts an angry admixture of price, power, and portability. In this post, we’ve angled up the best annular saws on the market.

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If you are aloof starting to get into DIY, a appropriate annular saw is one of the aboriginal accoutrement you should buy. With the appropriate tricks (more on that in a moment), a circ saw will do aggregate a alliance saw or table saw will do — and again some.

But the basal annular saw you apperceive has morphed and assorted into cordless models, mini saws, clue saws, and added — authoritative your best a bit confusing. The acceptable account is that best of you can avoid bisected the saws on the market. Although cordless is consistently cool, corded saws are bisected the amount while alms added ability and acid capacity. If you already own the appropriate cordless batteries, however, you can buy the “bare tool” from the aforementioned architect for about the amount of a corded saw.`

The clue saw additionally cannot be ignored. Its ability is in the long, acclimatized track, which guides the saw and guarantees smooth, beeline cuts in any direction. If you cut a lot of area appurtenances (plywood and MDF) for cabinetry, or you appetite to try authoritative appliance but don’t accept the amplitude or account for a table saw, accede spending a bit added to get clue saw.

For the blow of us, a accepted saw will suffice. You can avoid the added “hypoid” (or “worm-drive”) annular saws, which activity added ability but are added and harder to control.

The saw you appetite is the accepted “sidewinder.” Go with a 7.25-inch blade. Bigger blades are absorbed to bigger motors that are harder to handle, and abate blades won’t cut blubbery boards. Read on for the blow of the story.

DeWalt 7.25-inch Failing Annular Saw

Why should you buy this: The DeWalt 7.25-inch Failing Annular Saw is able and makes straight, bland cuts with accomplished control.

The best

DeWalt 7.25-inch Failing Annular Saw

The best lightweight, powerful, stable, and authentic annular saw for the money.

Who it’s for: DIYers, hobbyist woodworkers, and contractors attractive for a abundant medium-duty saw.

How abundant will it cost: $120-140

Why we best the DeWalt 7.25-inch Failing Annular Saw:

You’ll see less-expensive annular saws at the home center, but they appear with compromises. For $120 at Home Depot, aloof $40 or $50 added than the low-end saws, the DeWalt offers pro-level ability and accurateness in a failing body that is accessible to handle and control.

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It has 15 amps of ability for acid through hardwoods and softwoods alike, and the all-important flat, abiding abject plate, one of the keys to authentic cuts. It additionally feels adequate (in my hands, anyway), with accomplished balance.

A accumulation of added assets accommodate accomplished afterimage curve to the advanced of the blade, for afterward a line; a smooth-operating bouncer that won’t snag on the bend of a workpiece; and an automated anchor that stops the brand back you absolution the trigger, which is a abundant assurance feature.

When I alter my old, entry-level saw, this DeWalt is the one I’ll buy.

Grizzly Clue Saw Master Pack

Why should you buy this: The Grizzly lets you see what the clue saw fuss is about afterwards ripping through your wallet.

The best amount in a clue saw

Grizzly Clue Saw Master Pack

This solid clue saw is bisected the amount of the competition.

Who it’s for: DIYers who appetite affirmed beeline cuts in plywood and added advanced lumber.

How abundant will it cost: $260.

Why we best the Grizzly Clue Saw Master Pack:

There are bigger clue saws out there (see below), but for casual use, the Grizzly will accomplish accomplished cuts in all sorts of material, at about bisected the amount of its competitors.

Like the rest, its clue has elastic on the basal to accumulate it in abode on a board, but the Grizzly clue is beneath adhesive than some. That’s OK because this Grizzly kit includes clue clamps that lock it down. All clue saw advance additionally accept a artificial bend that gets akin hardly by the saw the aboriginal time you use it, so you can aloof band up the clue with your pencil marks consistently after. It’s magic.

These saws additionally plunge, acceptation you can alpha a cut in the average of a console and stop it afore the end, absolution you accomplish absolute cutouts.

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Festool TS 55 REQ

Why should you buy this: The aboriginal clue saw on the market, the Festool still has no equal.

The best clue saw for professionals

Festool TS 55 REQ

This is hands-down the best clue saw for acid area goods.

Who it’s for: Pro cabinetmakers, and lovers of amazing tools.

How abundant will it cost: $660.

Why we best the Festool TS 55 REQ:

Festool angry the U.S. apparatus bazaar on its arch by revolutionizing carriageable ability tools, alleviative them as attention instruments, not awkward architect tools. It all started with the clue saw, which afflicted aggregate for DIYers, contractors, and anyone abroad who could pay to play.

The German aggregation continues to advance its flagship tool, and it has too abounding admirable qualities to account here. Let’s aloof say it’s dreamy. Let’s additionally say the activate and attempt activity are perfect, the depth-setting acclimation is the easiest to use, the dust accumulating is shockingly effective, and the cuts are crazy clean, alike back beveling.

And as with all the best clue saws, the Festool’s clue is bedrock solid on about any material, acceptation you don’t charge no abhorrent clamps.

DeWalt DCS391B Cordless Circ Saw

Why should you buy this: If you’ve already got a acceptable set of big cordless batteries, or charge to accomplish cuts far from ability outlets.

The best amount in a cordless annular saw

DEWALT - Knives

DeWalt DCS391B Cordless Circ Saw

Cordless saws biking with no limits, and today’s models activity added ability than before.

Who it’s for: Association accommodating to barter a little ability for a lot of portability.

How abundant will it cost: $99 for the bald apparatus (no batteries).

Why we best the DeWalt DCS391B Cordless Circ Saw:

In this case, my aces is not about this specific product, admitting the DeWalt 20V cordless saw is accepting babble reviews in abounding tests. Any of the best cordless models will activity hasty ability — Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Rigid, etc. — and incomparable portability, absolution you accompany the apparatus to any little job anywhere. The catechism is whether you already own a set of the batteries the saw uses. If you do, you can buy the apparatus only, and save a bundle, authoritative cordless the way to go for those who don’t apperception a little beneath power. And I do beggarly alone a little less.

The rap on cordless annular saws acclimated to be anemic ability and abbreviate array life, but today’s lithium-ion models accept afflicted that. You won’t get the ability and backbone of a corded saw, but if you accumulate that additional array charged, you’ll be accessible for about anything.

I’ve approved best of these saws, either the specific archetypal apparent actuality or an beforehand one that is carefully related. My accompany accept approved the others (I was the editor of Fine Woodworking annual in addition life, and I still address for them, as able-bodied as Fine Homebuilding magazine).

Most importantly, I’ve acclimated annular saws for abounding years, as a remodeler, woodworker, and maker of abounding things, and I’ve accomplished lots of association to do the same. So I apperceive what I amount best in a saw, and area bodies tend to struggle.

And of course, I consistently dig abysmal into user reviews, to accomplish abiding there are no surprises.

First, some affairs advice: Back it comes to a accepted annular saw, added money gets you added ability and durability, and a bigger abject plate. You can’t try out the ability in the abundance and you apparently shouldn’t conduct a bead analysis either, but you can accession the brand all the way up and sit the abject bowl on a collapsed surface. If the bowl rocks, the apparatus doesn’t.

Aside from its MUCH lower amount tag, the big advantage a annular saw has over a table saw is the way you can accompany it to the work. Alike for hardcore furniture-makers, this portability is invaluable for chopping big barge and big area appurtenances (plywood and MDF) to asperous admeasurement afore attempting to elevate them assimilate machines.

But armed with a few accessories, your basal annular saw can accomplish furniture-quality cuts, too. Combine your candied bouncer with any array of straightedge clamped to the work, or bigger yet a acid adviser like this one, and you can accomplish long, beeline cuts, appropriate on your pencil marks.

For abbreviate crosscuts, such as acid a lath to length, the continued acid adviser is unwieldy. But an bargain “speed square” accomplish in to adviser the saw perfectly. Be abiding to catch bottomward the lath aboriginal so you accept one duke chargeless to authority the aboveboard in abode and the added to ascendancy the saw.

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Bottom line: You don’t accept to accept cher accoutrement to body abundant things.

Here are two added tips: Lay bottomward a area of adamant cream insulation on the attic or workbench, and cut on top of that. You will get abundant bigger abutment than a brace of sawhorses give. Also, best ability accoutrement appear with abominable blades, so accede an advancement if your brand is disturbing or abrogation bake marks.

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