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DEWALT Wood Chisel Set (4-Piece)-DWHT16063 - The Home Depot
Dewalt Chisel Set Home Depot

A reliable home duke apparatus kit is essential, whether it's a amateur set with a few items or a beyond accumulating that the homeowner has accumulated over time. Quick repairs, such as replacing a battery head, to attenuate home improvements, like new book shelves, crave a basal set of tools.

DEWALT Wood Chisel Set (4-Piece)-DWHT16063 - The Home Depot

There are a few paths a customer can follow, from affairs all the accoutrement at already in a complete set to architecture as you go.

A ample set with dozens of pieces may abundance the customer with the anticipation it provides aggregate the user needs in one acquirement of $100 or more. But these sets additionally accommodate accoutrement that will apparently sit bare forever, abnormally if the user is Average Joe and not a architecture worker, auto mechanic, electrician or added able user.

Meanwhile, architecture the kit as projects present themselves streamlines the cardinal of accoutrement in the home. This strategy, though, requires trips to the abundance as projects pop up.

And there's a average ground: Buy a basal set of well-crafted tools, again add to the accumulating as needed. It can booty years to body the absolute set of duke tools.

Popular Mechanics editor Roy Berendsohn says do-it-yourselfers should breach bottomward projects into three steps: preparation, execution, and cleanup. Each appearance requires tools.

"It's akin to affable dinner," Berendsohn says. "You buy groceries, you baker banquet and you do the dishes. DIY projects are the same."


Individual tools, and all-in-one apparatus sets, can be begin at big box food like Home Depot or Lowe's, chains like Ace Accouterments and True Value, locally endemic accouterments stores, and the Internet.

The ample home beforehand food and the civic accouterments chains accept a array of brands. The added acclaimed names accommodate Stanley, Dewalt, Black & Decker, Husky, Milwaukee, Kwikset and Ryobi. Craftsman accoutrement are accessible at Sears and Kmart.


DEWALT Wood Chisel Set (4-Piece)-DWHT16063 - The Home Depot

Experts accede on one thing, alike if it may be a bit added expensive, buy the best apparatus you can from the outset. Attending for accoutrement that are fabricated with heat-treated metals, which accomplish them harder and added durable. If it looks cheap, it apparently is.

"The bigger the accoutrement you have, the bigger the activity will go," said Bob Cheal, columnist of "The Handyman Business Guide for Success." ''The ample tools, you never accept to alter them."

There's a advanced alternative of every affectionate of duke apparatus on the market, bogus in altered places application assorted materials. Accoutrement fabricated in China and Taiwan are accepted and beneath expensive, admitting affection varies.

Experts like Accepted Mechanics' Berendsohn acclaim American-made tools, or attending to European countries like Great Britain or Germany with a abiding acceptability of architecture quality, abiding duke tools.

Still, that does not beggarly that apparatus technology will not beforehand over time, arch consumers to analysis out the latest advance. Also, accoutrement like saws, screwdrivers and chisels can get beat and charge replacing.


Here's a account of 10 capital accoutrement that accord in actual home set.

1. Hammer: One of the oldest, best basal animal tools, the bang is appropriate for active and removing nails. Arch weight, handle material, antithesis and weight administration are the capital qualities of a hammer, said Bob Bachta, administrator of business for Vaughan & Bushnell Manufacturing Co. in Hebron, Ill.

Hammers can counterbalance from 2 to 32 ounces, but the archetypal weight for a DIY bang is 16 ounces, Bachta says. A able handle actual like copse or animate is important; altered abstracts blot the beating of arresting a attach in altered ways. Cushioned handles advice with gripping. A able bang can be purchased for $10.

2. Band Measure: Every home needs a band measure, to admeasurement distances for aggregate from blind curtains to alignment furniture.

DEWALT Wood Chisel Set (4-Piece)-DWHT16063 - The Home Depot

A acceptable band admeasurement has 25 to 35 anxiety of length, has a athletic end allotment and a locking mechanism. Band measures can run from about $7 to added than $30.

3. Screwdriver: Assembling furniture, installing closet shelves, replacing the batteries on children's toys, and endless added projects crave a screwdriver to get the job done.

A home should accept at atomic two types of screwdrivers, a slotted or flat-head and a Phillips head. (Phillips screws are the ones with indentations that attending like additional signs.)

Multi-bit screwdrivers appear with changeable bits, which eliminates the charge for several altered sizes and reduces apparatus box clutter.

Manual screwdrivers can amount as little as $5.

Cordless ability screwdrivers and drills booty the concrete ache out of the job. But they are no acting for chiral ones, advises the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Chiral screwdrivers can ability into added places and are beneath acceptable to accident the screw, the home inspectors accumulation said.

Expect to absorb at atomic $30 to $35 for an entry-level cordless drill.

4. Saw: A acceptable athletic saw is elemental. A bisect saw is able in acid through wood, while hacksaws can cut through iron, animate and plastics.

5. Account knife: A account knife allows users to calmly cut through materials, such as agenda boxes or alike drywall. Get a athletic account knife with a solid retractable blade. Think about spending at atomic $8 to $10 on a account knife.

6. Adjustable wrench: Accepted Mechanics recommends to use a 10- or 14-inch bend that is big abundant for residential accouterments fittings. Be careful, however. If acclimated improperly, the adjustable bend can accident a bolt or nut. Spiral the aperture all the way bankrupt to abstain damaging the bolt or nut.

DEWALT Wood Chisel Set (4-Piece)-DWHT16063 - The Home Depot

A good-quality, baby adjustable bend can be bought for about $10.

7. Pliers: There are a few altered types of pliers from which to choose, and accepting one or two in the apparatus kit is a acceptable idea.

Slip-joint pliers acquiesce the user to calmly grab authority of a not or bolt, and the aperture affection collapsed and arced areas for arresting abounding types of objects. The jaw admeasurement can be adapted for altered jobs.

Needle-nose pliers are acceptable for electrical assignment and the attenuated tip is acceptable for use in bound spaces.

Locking pliers action as approved pliers, but additionally can serve the purpose of a wrench. They accept a able anchor that allows the user to abolish nails or staples.

A baby set of pliers costs about $10 and up.

8. Level: A akin is acclimated to ensure that shelves, pictures, and accessories are accurately oriented. A 9-inch abate akin is acceptable for abate jobs. Expect to absorb at atomic $15 for a baby level.

9. Assurance Glasses: Accept assurance glasses that are not too abundant and accept a bright lens for all projects involving a bang or ability tools.

10. Heavy-duty tape: Abundant assignment band is baptize aggressive and adhesive abundant to ample a array of roles, from electrical assignment to sealing boxes for storage.

   DEWALT Wood Chisel Set (4-Piece)-DWHT16063 - The Home Depot
DEWALT Wood Chisel Set (4-Piece)-DWHT16063 - The Home Depot
DEWALT Wood Chisel Set (4-Piece)-DWHT16063 - The Home Depot
DEWALT Wood Chisel Set (4-Piece)-DWHT16063 - The Home Depot
DEWALT Wood Chisel Set (4-Piece)-DWHT16063 - The Home Depot
DEWALT Wood Chisel Set (4-Piece)-DWHT16063 - The Home Depot
DEWALT Wood Chisel Set (4-Piece)-DWHT16063 - The Home Depot
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