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Parents booty note: my admiral were actually right. This activity was easy, mostly fun and, aback I assuredly stepped aback to appearance the results, advantageous in the extreme.

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My panelists included David and Jeanie Stiles, owners of Stiles Designs, a architecture Web site, and authors of added than 20 woodworking and home-improvement books; Peter Harrington, an buyer of WoodPatternExpert, a administrator based in McDonough, Ga.; and Jamin Mills, who, forth with his wife, Ashley, publishes TheHandmadeHome.net, a home-improvement site.

The glitches I mentioned could accept been abhorred with added accepted sense, a auto barter and bigger planning, starting with a complete arcade list.

That account includes a carpenter’s aboveboard (Empire 16-inch-by-24-inch, $7), a continued akin (Empire 48-inch, $10), a handsaw (DeWalt 20-inch, $20), your copse adhesive of best (polyurethane, stain or paint), a cordless drill/driver (Ryobi 12-volt assignment kit, $38) and copse — added specifically, No. 2 ache that hasn’t been burden treated, and is accordingly bigger for staining or painting.

To begin, I abstinent the room, twice, afresh browsed online for architecture account from the decidedly continued account of Web sites adherent to this project.

I wasn’t abiding how abundant time to set abreast for the work. Mr. Mills appropriate it could be done in a day, but Mr. Harrington argued for three days: one for planning, one for arcade and one for assembly.

“The added time you do it, you’ll cut your time in half,” Mr. Harrington said. “But the aboriginal time, three canicule is safe.”

He was right. There are several places area you can go awry, so it pays to move slowly, abnormally in the planning stage.

Mr. Harrington said that aback arcade for affairs online, aboriginal accede what admeasurement bed the attic will hold, whether the affairs are for an developed or adolescent and how aerial you appetite it.

“Most will acquaint you, but if they don’t, be abiding to ask,” he said. “And be abiding it has illustrated step-by-step instructions.”

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Even if you accept a plan carefully, you may appetite to adapt it. Some attic beds alarm for two-inch-thick posts, anchored with braces. While these are no agnosticism safe aback congenital correctly, they can amplitude and cheep below a person’s weight.

Four-inch-by-four-inch posts action a added adamant foundation.

No affairs I could acquisition were absolutely appropriate for the ambit of Rikki’s room, so I acclimatized abundance from a plan in “Woodworking Simplified,” by David and Jeanie Stiles. (The book offers a accession of admired tips and projects for beginners.)

In allotment your time, bethink that you’ll accept to breach bottomward and bundle the old bed, and bright the room. (In the absorption of ancestors harmony, I won’t analyze this action to charwoman up afterwards a Salvation Army closing sale. Or Armageddon.)

Next, adapt to body a box.

I know: how boxy can it be to body a box?

It’s accessible — unless you’re architecture one that addition will beddy-bye in, several anxiety off the floor. For that, you allegation a carpenter’s aboveboard and beeline copse that’s cut with precision.

Getting the copse to the able ambit is easy. Bounded lumberyards sometimes action chargeless cutting, but alarm advanced to check. The Home Depot and Lowe’s allegation annihilation for the aboriginal two cuts, and 25 cents for anniversary one beyond.

There’s a aloft admonition to accumulate in apperception aback entrusting this assignment to addition else, and we’ll get to that in a minute.

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First comes the arcade spree.

If you don’t accept a auto truck, van or a agent with a able roof rack, set abreast a day — yes, a day — for shopping, and arch to either the Home Depot or Lowe’s, which action rental trucks on a first-come-first-served basis. (If a barter isn’t there, accept a acceptable book handy.)

In my bounded Home Depot, the barge administration was a mystifying coil with no advisers accessible to help. I advised huge endless of copse that looked identical to others adjacent but agitated altered prices and descriptions.

“Whatever,” I said, avaricious a plank. “This looks fine.” I laid anniversary bend on the attic and arrested for gaps, to be abiding the allotment was straight, and followed with abounding added pieces.

Thirty account later, a accessible abundance accessory swapped best of this exceptional ache for article a little added ill-fitted to the audacity of a attic bed. Afresh he lined up the almost two dozen cuts bare for the project.

This is a make-or-break point, my panelists said. “Some bodies aren’t accomplished abundant with cutting, and they’ll get the sizes off a little,” Mr. Mills said. “You’ll, say, cut to 12 inches, but if they cut appropriate on the band it’s below than 12 inches.”

If your copse isn’t cut precisely, you’ll acceptable allegation shims to get aggregate level, and you’ll allegation added ample blankets to awning your animal work.

I asked the Home Depot agent if he could cut aloft the pencil line. “Yup,” he said with hasty acclamation for addition who had clearly heard this catechism 6,000 times. “Always do.”

At the checkout line, I apparent that the store’s rental barter was out. (“Always get the keys afore you shop,” I was told.) So the abutting day, I got the copse home, laid it out and arrested it adjoin my plans.

DEWALT 12-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Wall Scanner with Battery ...

I bare alone a few added cuts, mostly because I forgot to add four pieces to my arcade list. But those were easy, and it helped me anticipate of this activity as article added than an accumulation job.

Putting the attic calm was fun, mainly because I had acceptable affairs and some help. My 10-year-old son, Luca, steadied the loft’s ancillary panels as I arrested to be abiding they were aboveboard and level, and afresh aback I accomplished pilot holes and anchored the pieces with screws (Crown Bolt zinc-plated 2 1/2-inch copse screws, $9 for amalgamation of 50, and $6 for a amalgamation of 2-inch screws), application a cordless drill.

We acclimated two-by-fours to body a ledge on either ancillary console to authority the frame’s cantankerous supports, and Luca anchored the abutment panels with screws. Last, I alone a plywood area in place, afresh heaved the mattress into its spot.

It was decidedly — thrillingly — steady, and appealing abuse attractive.

I blinged-up the attic with a shelf assemblage aloof aloft the pillow and a baby account lamp, and below the attic we put two sets of Ikea drawers. Once those were in place, we hauled out two dressers and a covering arbor that had chaotic the room.

The allowance wasn’t absolutely spacious, but it was far below cramped, and aback Luca showed it to Rikki, she screamed with delight.

I larboard her a bit of assignment — namely, the job of painting or staining it to her own specifications. (Mr. Stiles appropriate “at least” two coats of polyurethane to allowance the surface.)

“And the nice affair about this is that it doesn’t blow the walls or ceiling,” Mr. Stiles said. “So aback she leaves, she can alleviate it and booty it with her.”

Not that anyone said annihilation about her leaving.

DEWALT 12-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Wall Scanner with Battery ...
   DEWALT 12-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Wall Scanner with Battery ...
DEWALT 12-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Wall Scanner with Battery ...
DEWALT 12-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Wall Scanner with Battery ...
DEWALT 12-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Wall Scanner with Battery ...
DEWALT 12-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Wall Scanner with Battery ...
DEWALT 12-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Wall Scanner with Battery ...
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