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Home Depot Co-Founder Endorses Donald Trump
Did Home Depot Endorse Trump

From the moment Donald Trump anchored the Republican choice and again the presidency, civic aegis admiral beneath Admiral Obama accept apparent themselves to be acute adversaries in accessible and abaft the scenes.

Home Depot Co-Founder Endorses Donald Trump

In the latest development, appropriate admonition Robert Mueller’s top-gun prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann, accepted acting Attorney General Sally Yates, a Trump nemesis, for abnegation a White House adjustment to avert the president’s biking ban on Muslim-majority countries, according to centralized emails.

Mr. Weissmann fabricated it bright whose ancillary he was on.

“I am so proud,” Mr. Weissmann wrote to Ms. Yates back he was the arch of the Obama Justice Department’s bent artifice division. “And in awe. Thank you so much. All my centermost respect.”

The U.S. Supreme Court this anniversary accustomed Mr. Trump’s biking ban of targeted nations in a 7-2 ruling.

Mr. Weissmann, who as a clandestine apostle donated to Mr. Obama and to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, addition Democrat, now is Mr. Mueller’s right-hand man. He oversaw the analysis of above Trump attack administrator Paul Manafort, including a pre-dawn FBI arrest on his address and an in-bed coursing of his wife.

The Weissmann emails and others from Obama political appointees praising Ms. Yates were unearthed in a Freedom of Advice Act appeal by the bourgeois government babysitter Judicial Watch.

Mr. Trump accursed Ms. Yates as she became a hero to Mr. Weissmann and added liberals.

The anti-Trump moves by Obama aides began in July 2016 during his attack for the presidency.

Then-FBI Administrator James B. Comey began a bent analysis of the Trump campaign, in accomplished or part, based on a abstracts financed by the Democratic Party with an aim to abort the Republican candidate. Its blue and sometimes adopted scenarios of Russia-Trump bunco on the Russian drudge of Democratic Party computers accept not been accepted publicly.

The top FBI investigator at that time was a “never Trump” apostle whom Mr. Mueller removed from his aggregation aftermost summer, The New York Times reported.

John O. Brennan, Mr. Obama’s CIA administrator and above attack adviser, pushed the analysis during the campaign. He supplied Mr. Comey with the names of Russians with whom Trump assembly had fabricated any blazon of contact. Mr. Brennan testified to Congress that he provided the account of referrals afterwards alive what was discussed.

James R. Clapper, Mr. Obama’s administrator of civic intelligence, has appropriate that Mr. Trump is on the way out and calls him unfit for office.

“I absolutely catechism his … fettle to be in this office,” Mr. Clapper told CNN afterwards a ablaze Trump accent in August. “And I additionally am alpha to admiration about his activity for it. Maybe he is attractive for a way out.”

Home Depot Co-Founder Endorses Donald Trump

Conservatives doubtable all this has happened as Obama administering holdovers and above aides were alive to demolition the Trump administration.

‘A stealth coup’

Some account belief attributed to “former” government admiral — read, Obama — accept collapsed into the “fake news” category. Journalists and Democrats are bent to appearance that Trump aides and Moscow collaborated.

A above New York Times adventure on Feb. 14 based in allotment on “former American officials” did abundant to ammunition this narrative.

“Phone annal and intercepted calls appearance that assembly of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential attack and added Trump assembly had again contacts with arch Russian intelligence admiral in the year afore the election, according to four accepted and above American officials,” The Times adventure read.

Almost the absolute adventure was wrong, according to Mr. Comey’s affidavit afore the Senate Select Board on Intelligence four months later. In added words, there were no such “repeated contacts” with Russian intelligence.

Mr. Comey testified that he was so taken ashamed by the adventure that he anon notified arch assembly of Congress that it was not true.

Another adventure that seemed to acceleration up from Obama holdovers was the anecdotal that Mr. Trump accursed Mr. Comey in May because the FBI administrator had asked for added assets for a Russia-Trump investigation. Several arch Justice Department admiral said no such appeal was made. Mr. Comey has not fabricated that charge.

“Having accomplished a change in administering while at the Pentagon in 2009, it’s not aberrant to see passive-aggressive behavior from a scattering of approachable folks,” said J.D. Gordon, a above Defense Department abettor and Trump attack civic aegis adviser. “That said, based on the flood of leaks above the government, what we’re seeing today added carefully resembles a stealth coup. Certainly annihilation acquiescent about it.”

Mr. Brennan has not shied abroad from depicting Mr. Trump as an abominable admiral or advice his own role in active the FBI to investigate Mr. Trump during the campaign.

“I capital to accomplish abiding that every advice and bit of intelligence that we had was aggregate with the [FBI] so that they could booty it,” Mr. Brennan told the House Permanent Select Board on Intelligence in May. “It was able-bodied above my authorization as administrator of CIA to chase on any of those leads that complex U.S. persons. But I fabricated abiding that annihilation that was involving U.S. persons, including annihilation involving the individuals complex in the Trump campaign, was aggregate with the bureau.

“I was acquainted of intelligence and advice about contacts amid Russian admiral and U.S. bodies that aloft apropos in my apperception about whether or not those individuals were allied with the Russians, either in a acquainted or aimless fashion, and it served as the base for the FBI analysis to actuate whether such bunco [or] cooperation occurred,” the above CIA arch testified.

During the presidential transition, Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican, became apprehensive of Mr. Brennan’s behind-the-scenes maneuvers. He said on ABC News: “There should be an analysis of what the Russians did but additionally an analysis of John Brennan and the hit job he seems to be orchestrating adjoin the president-elect.”

Home Depot Co-Founder Endorses Donald Trump

To date, there has been no accessible acceptance of Trump-Russia acclamation bunco charges.

Any doubts that Mr. Obama’s CIA actively adjoin Mr. Trump were conceivably dispelled by above acting Administrator Michael Morell. He accustomed Hillary Clinton in abrupt accent in acknowledgment to Mr. Trump’s comments as a applicant applauding Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin.

“In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an aimless abettor of the Russian Federation,” Mr. Morell said.

Curious Comey actions

Indeed, abounding Republicans bidding agitation at Mr. Trump’s acclaim of Mr. Putin, who has invaded eastern Ukraine, annexed the Crimean Peninsula and beheld NATO as an existential blackmail as he tries to destabilize Western democracies.

They additionally blench at the president’s accepted Twitter feeds that generally veer from activity and adjoin claimed disputes with bodies in the media, Hollywood and sports.

Still, the chicane of Mr. Obama’s civic aegis aggregation assume to be aberrant adjoin a candidate, president-elect and president.

The FBI acclimated the discredited abstracts at atomic already to access a accreditation to bug above Trump attack advance Carter Page. Mr. Page said the bunco and bribery accuse fabricated by abstracts biographer Christopher Steele, a above British spy, are fiction. They broke his advance business, he told the House intelligence committee.

“After over a year of apocryphal address and propaganda, it’s now auspicious that the absolute accuracy about what absolutely happened aftermost year is starting to appear to light,” Mr. Page told The Washington Times.

Other assaults on Mr. Trump: Mr. Comey animated the dossier’s accent by appointment the president-elect at Trump Tower in New York City. Shortly thereafter, the appointment was leaked to CNN.

Mr. Comey wrote ancillary memos about his affairs with Mr. Trump and again leaked them to The New York Times via a middleman.

Then there is “unmasking,” the activity in which arch civic aegis abstracts may ask the intelligence association to acknowledge the names of Americans bent up in the eavesdropping of adopted agents.

Obama civic aegis aides requested the apprehension of an undetermined cardinal of Trump assembly during the campaign, suggesting to Republicans that they were spying.

Home Depot Co-Founder Endorses Donald Trump

Obama bodies additionally accept floated the talking point that the Trump attack aggregation abandoned the 1799 Logan Act by talking activity with Russian Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak during the transition.

When The Washington Post wrote, based on clandestine intercepts, in February that retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn had announced about sanctions adjoin Moscow with Mr. Kislyak, the adventure brought up the abstruse Logan Act as a accessible violation.

Rarely if anytime enforced, the Logan Act confined clandestine citizens from advancement adopted countries to argue U.S. policies. The Trump transition, however, was not a clandestine accumulation but a government-funded agency.

That alteration chat with Mr. Kislyak accepted fatal. Flynn pleaded accusable aftermost anniversary to accouterment apocryphal statements to the FBI back he denied discussing sanctions.

To Republicans, one of the best analytical decisions by Mr. Comey was not to appropriate the Democratic Party computer servers afraid by two Russian cybercells. Instead, in one of the best important bent investigations ever, Mr. Comey larboard it up to the clandestine close CrowdStrike to conduct a cybersecurity analysis and address to the FBI.

CrowdStrike employs above FBI agents and is adjourned in allotment by Google, a able Democratic Party supporter.

If the Obama civic aegis accompaniment declared war on Mr. Trump, it seems the FBI waged accord with Mrs. Clinton during the delving into her administration of classified actual on her home email server during her administration as secretary of state.

Mr. Comey, the Senate Judiciary Board discovered, wrote an absolution account months afore the analysis was concluded, alike afore interviewing the Democratic candidate.

CNN appear that Peter Strzok, the anti-Trump counterintelligence abettor kicked off the Mueller probe, had a duke in alteration the account to abate her culpability.

The abstract diction was afflicted from “grossly negligent” — which is the acknowledged analogue of corruption classified advice — to “extremely careless,” the words Mr. Comey accurate at the absolution columnist conference.

Mr. Comey downplayed the acceptation of Mrs. Clinton accepting her attorneys abort about 30,000 emails with the app BleachBit. The FBI was able to reconstruct some those deleted emails, which showed they, too, independent classified information.

Mr. Mueller accursed Mr. Strzok afterwards the analysis of argument letters amid him and his lover, Lisa Page, a apostle and abettor to FBI Deputy Administrator Andrew McCabe, The Washington Post reported.

Mr. McCabe has appear beneath criticism from Republicans for his own accessible battle of interest.

Home Depot Co-Founder Endorses Donald Trump

During the Clinton email investigation, his wife ran a accident attack for the Virginia accompaniment Senate in 2015. She took a $467,000 donation from the political activity board of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Clinton ancestors confidant.

   Home Depot Co-Founder Endorses Donald Trump
Home Depot Co-Founder Endorses Donald Trump
Home Depot Co-Founder Endorses Donald Trump
Home Depot Co-Founder Endorses Donald Trump
Home Depot Co-Founder Endorses Donald Trump
Home Depot Co-Founder Endorses Donald Trump
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