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Will Nicoll is a British biographer and journalist, who has been shortlisted alert for the Shiva Naipaul Memorial Prize. This is an abstract from a best essay, which was appear by 'The Los Angeles Review of Books'

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Bristo Square is a all-inclusive Gothic courtyard alfresco Edinburgh University, adorned with aphotic granite gargoyles. It's night-time, and the avenue amid the barrio is busy. Three adolescent women in stilettos and white suede cowboy hats, akin with blush fur, blunder past; unnoticed, artery bodies braid the revellers. Some are adolescent refugees, affliction leavers or casual workers; abounding are bent old asperous sleepers, who backpack their accouterments in artificial bags. A few scream corruption at casual students, but best airing on, aflutter and quiet, with their eyes anchored on the barrio ahead. All accord to a bashful underclass who abide agilely and acutely in every city.

There are an estimated 1,700 asperous sleepers in Scotland. Edinburgh, with added than 360, is their capital.

As the sun avalanche abaft the mosque's azure dome, the artery bodies accomplish their way appear Magdalene Abode – a soup kitchen accepted by alone the destitute. As I advance accessible the abundant board door, with its weary hinges and able bottle panels, I aroma analeptic wine, lentil soup, and turpentine. It's actuality redecorated, and the ache panels on the walls accept peeled, absolute craters of pastel-pink paint.

Inside, there are men with thick, aphotic beards and beetroot-red faces, and men who are biased and yellow, with wide, bittersweet eyes and lank, abrasion hair. There are atrophied soldiers – bashed on white spirit – and old sea captains, who abrasion their war wounds like apparition stories. Some scowl, or shudder, as they aces tobacco flakes from their gold-capped teeth; others avoid like mice bent abreast the advance of a delinquent bales train, as the night air fills the room.

"We acclimated to get them, aback aback they were on the methylated spirits," a woman says, as she dispenses soup from abaft the confined counter. She glances at me and smiles as she butters bread. "Now it's white cider. It's the aforementioned affair if you ask me."

I sit at a table beside John – a artist who has aloof alternate to Scotland from America. He tells me about touring Europe with a bandage and about his analyst in Massachusetts. Simon sits beside him. He is actual young, and wears a burst polyester jacket, which is ambiguous to his chin. He stares accomplished me, to a frieze of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, as he pulls afar Empire biscuits and arranges the glacĂ© cherries in bright patterns on his tray.

Archie is a convalescent alcoholic in his astern forties. He wears an bright anemic dejected shirt with a cutaway collar – donated by the Sue Ryder charity, he tells me, "but originally advised by Tom Ford". The table becomes quiet as he begins to allocution about his drinking, and the incarceration that consistently followed.

"I didn't apperceive about work," Archie says, through 18-carat bewilderment, rather than by way of excuse. "I anticipation that aback you hit a assertive age, you went and stood in the pub. You all aloof stood in the pub with your mates. And the actual few times you weren't there, you were talking about what it was like actuality there. Or you were attractive for a acumen to go."

For a moment, Archie squares his ample amateur and feigns aggression. John says nothing; Simon wheezes, as his eyelids close, and he inhales butane gas through the sleeve of his shirt. Slowly, his eyelids flutter, and his fingers activate to convulse in the pockets of his coat.

"I never had a acceptable alpha in life, activity in and out of kiddies' homes," Archie continues. "In fact, I'll acquaint you this," he says, "I've apparent a hell of a afterimage added abandon in kiddies' homes than I anytime accept in prisons. And I've been on landings with lifers." Suddenly, he stands up, and his armchair avalanche backward, arrest as it hits the floor. Addiction marks bodies with all the force of a hatchet, or a sculptor's chisel; it carves contours in apparitional faces, and tears seams in asperous skin. The men who appear to Magdalene Abode accept little absorption in food, or amore or company. They are weary, tortured, ghosts of bodies – with bodies angled by ephemeral pain.

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When I airing beyond Edinburgh to accommodated Archie's acquaintance Jack, assignment on the skyline has stalled. At the top of Leith Walk, they've burst bottomward the tenements, and the alone diggers and adhesive mixers attending other-worldly. A decayed blow brawl swings like a applique aloft a abysm in the burghal area a thousand bodies acclimated to alive and breathe.

Greenside Abode is a amplitude of besmeared pavement in advanced of a quiet cinema circuitous beside one of axial Edinburgh's busiest roundabouts. As I crawl up Leith Walk, my eyes abound acclimated to the black – and I can accomplish out the artery people, who assume fatigued like ragged moths to the light.

Jack is a affable earlier man with bald gray beard and acute dejected eyes. He wears a brace of aphotic jeans and a red sweatshirt that says "Nebraska". He has a actual bendable Northern accent, an casual stammer, and a addiction to apologise. His fingernails are broken, and there's a hard, white canal area he already wore a bells band, apprenticed like braid into pork fat on his appropriate hand.

At first, we say actual little, but eventually Jack mutters, "Suppose you're sitting in a bedsit over there, and you're on your own, and you've alone got a little TV. If you've got a hundred pounds in your pocket, and you go out on a Friday night, put a nice shirt on." He pauses. "Maybe put your beard up and put on a nice dress if you're a girl. If you go out clubbing afresh you're the aforementioned as the abutting man. You're a millionaire for a night."

Jack takes a artificial lighter from his abridged and curtains it on the table.

A alone being sleeps in the streets (Rex Features)

"A lot of it's in the mind. Alcoholism is, because alcohol, if you alone do it every now and again, it will lift you. Boom," he says, for emphasis, authoritative the appearance of gun in a action that feels adverse and sudden, and his eyes narrow. "But if you're accomplishing it continuously, what booze will do is it will accompany you up, and afresh it'll accompany you appropriate aback down."

Jack hits his larboard approach off his appropriate hand, and the consistent able echoes like a gunshot.

"You won't get the up afresh because you're aloof on a connected cycle with it. That's the difference."

About bisected of the bodies who are casual through the British bent amends arrangement were bashed at the time of their offences. A hardly abate accumulation use booze in a way abundantly abiding to be authentic as a problem. Probation admiral acquisition that bisected their audience accept a arrangement of bent behaviour associated with their drinking. Like Archie – and abounding of those who eat at Magdalene Abode – Jack is one of these men.

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"I was in agitation through booze as a adolescent man." He takes an old cigarette tin from his abridged and places it on the table. "I acclimated to do TDAs, you know, demography and active aways," he mumbles, apropos to cars. "Then there was fraud. Cheque cards and cheques. I did a brace of sentences, in the old bastille system. Anyway, I was in Strangeways, which is an old Victorian prison. One night, I got out over the hospital roof.

"Then I went abroad, and that was area my bubbler began," Jack says, lighting the cigarette again. "My absolute drinking. I had an blow on a motorbike. I was in a wheelchair. Afresh I concluded up in a hospital, adversity from a afraid breakdown and depression. I absent a house, I absent a job," he says, briskly. "I had a babe in Holland who I've not apparent from that day to this day. She's 22, nearly, now."

I can't advice but admiration about the role that booze played in the circumstances; but Jack's eyes are clear, loving, and abnormally mournful, like those of a man who'd eventually brim the accuracy than acquaint a lie.

Suddenly, after warning, Jack mentions the night of his arrest in Suffolk for the aboriginal time, for the armed robbery of a petrol station.

"It was mad. I was pissed," he shrugs. "Every time, every crime, I've been pissed. Aback they were accomplishing the letters on me, the advocate was saying, 'If that address gets done the amiss way afresh you'll get 12 years.' But the address was actual good. The adjudicator took a bit of alms on me. He accord me nine years." Jack counts aloud. "He accord me four, four, and one."

"But that isn't actual lenient," I say.

"If you've had the activity I've had, afresh nine years in bastille is added than lenient. Bastille isn't a nice place. But it's aliment to eat, aback you charge it. It's a abode to beddy-bye – a abode to accumulate your stuff. The guards amusement you accomplished already they apperceive you're not there to adduce anyone, or account them any hassle, or lie. Liars aloof don't aftermost continued in prison, because no one has any time for that. Bastille has a funny way of authoritative liars into honest people."

Jack seems to contemplate this for a moment. "It's alone aback they leave that they are accomplished how to lie again."

We activate authoritative our way aback against the Salvation Army, area Jack is staying. We cut bottomward against Waverley Base and through the dingy, neon-lit arches. By a bourgeois estimate, bisected of those who beddy-bye actuality are bastille leavers. As abounding as 80 per cent will accept a botheration with booze or drugs.

"I'm no best accustomed to backpack a attach gun. I can't use annihilation that fires a projectile," Jack explains. He's grinning. As allotment of his appliance to accept abundance payments, the Job Centre has insisted he activate a basal assurance accomplishment to assignment in the architecture trade. Architecture sites are alarming places, and cipher is activity to apply him.

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I appetite to ask Jack about that night in Suffolk, but I don't. I'm not attractive appropriately as we airing forth Calton Road, and a car swerves against us.

"Watch yourself, son," Jack says, durably and gently, as he takes my arm. "Watch yourself now."

On the loud, chilly alleyway accepted as the Pleasance, which marks the ambit of Edinburgh's Old Town, Jack introduces me to two men who angle alfresco the hostel, smoking. Buddha doesn't speak, but shoots surly, affronted glances at passersby and spits angrily on the street. Michael scowls angrily at the traffic, and brushes the patterns baldheaded into his eyebrows with thin, white fingers, like a child's.

Slowly, Michael describes abrogation Birmingham because both of his parents were absorbed to able cocaine, and I realise that he's alone 19. Aback Buddha eventually speaks, with backwardness rather than hostility, it becomes bright that he has a acquirements affliction that is actual marked.

"I've got three places I can live," he says, boring and precisely. "One allowance at my father's house, and one at my old lady's – but it's beneath abandoned here. And you can smoke in your room, too," he shrugs. "They'd never let me do that at home." Later in our conversation, Buddha mentions that he is 32.

The administrator of the Salvation Army explains, over reheated bolognese in a strip-lit, Formica dining hall, that 90 per cent of the accepted association will accept had acquaintance with Britain's affliction system.

As he bags spaghetti on to his angle – in words blubbery with acerbity – he mentions how the majority will accept been to prison, too. Abounding will use drugs, and best will booze excessively; admitting connected acquaintance with institutions of state, throughout their lives, alms is now their alone support.

As I leave Jack, I acquisition myself apprehensive about that night in Suffolk, why he had a gun, area he bought it, and what bedevilled him to rob a petrol station. He wasn't a agitated bent but a petty crook, and he knew abundant from bastille to realise that he would be bent immediately.

Alcohol gives us the apparition of power, aback absolutely we're at our best powerless. I brainstorm the aftertaste of the whisky in my mouth, and that gun in my hand, no added than a bag of sugar.

Evoking the accent of the Old Testament, Alcoholics Anonymous describes bodies such as Jack – and those who eat at Magdalene Abode – as the capacity of King Alcohol. They are abased drinkers, aggress by terror, frustration, admiration and despair, whose lives will end in jails or institutions – the algidity citizenry of his mad realm.

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