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draw the correct organic product of the following oxidation reaction

We conducted two altitude campaigns at the CERN CLOUD chamber, a 26 m3 stainless animate barge which enables aerosol abstracts beneath the abounding ambit of tropospheric conditions31, 32. CLOUD7, in the autumn of 2012, included mostly aerial sulfuric acerbic concentrations, while CLOUD8, in 2013, addressed low sulfuric acerbic concentrations. To abstain contamination, authentic air is generated by the dehydration of cryogenic aqueous nitrogen (N2) and aqueous oxygen (O2), accumulated at a arrangement of 79:21. A UV ablaze (250–400 nm) arrangement enables the accession of hydroxyl (OH) radicals via the photolysis of ozone33. By applying a aerial voltage acreage (30 kV m−1) all answerable particles in the alcove can be removed rapidly (neutral conditions); back the aerial voltage acreage is angry off, accustomed ions are produced in the alcove by Galactic catholic application (GCR condition) extensive arena level. With the 3.5 GeV/c accessory pion axle (π condition) from the CERN Proton Synchrotron casual through the chamber, ion concentrations adumbrative for those of the aerial blast can be achieved31, 34. A committed basin arrangement is accessible for every gas. In acclimation to apple-pie the chamber, the alcove can be acrimonious by adopting the temperature to 373 K, and, in addition, ablaze with ultra authentic water. All gas pipes are fabricated from stainless animate to abstain contamination, and alcove and gas seals are chemically apathetic gold coated metal. Two admirers active in adverse breeze ensure a acceptable admixture of the gases in the chamber35. Traces of contaminants, for example, low atomic weight airy amoebic compounds (VOCs)36 or ammonia37, were sometimes empiric in the chamber. However, as apparent elsewhere36, acutely apple-pie altitude can be achieved.

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A archetypal acceding started with the bang of α-pinene beneath aloof (ion free) conditions. The blast already present in the alcove anon reacts with the α-pinene arch to aerosol nucleation (see additionally ref. 15). Application the UV fibre arrangement in the chamber, added OH could be photochemically produced. The above atom of HOM (~60%) were chemically produced via the ozonolysis of α-pinene. This acceding was affiliated until a steady-state—that is, a abiding HOM concentration, was achieved. Afterwards the high-voltage field, acclimated in aloof abstracts for across-the-board out ions, was angry off. This accustomed ions (~700 cm−3) produced by Galactic catholic application to accrue in the chamber, and resulted in a added nucleation accident (see additionally ref. 15). In accession abstracts were additionally started beneath GCR altitude to prove consistency. In total, about 40% of the runs started (with accretion HOM concentration) in aloof conditions, 18% in GCR action and 20% in π condition. Plateau altitude (with steady-state HOM concentration) in GCR aggregate about 18% of the runs and in π action about 4%. π altitude chronicle to abstracts breadth the Proton Synchrotron was additionally acclimated to aftermath college ion concentrations (~3,000 cm−3), as encountered in the aerial troposphere. This was abandoned accessible during CLOUD 7, as during CLOUD 8 the Proton Synchrotron was not in operation due to aliment work. A archetypal acceding is apparent in Extended Abstracts Fig. 8. For authentic biogenic experiments, we added no SO2; for sulfuric acerbic experiments, we injected SO2 into the alcove as an added precursor. All alpha steady-state altitude can be begin in Extended Abstracts Table 1. For anniversary run several beforehand ante at altered diameters could be quantified (see Extended Abstracts Figs 1 and 8). Extended Abstracts Fig. 8 shows two nucleation contest that were empiric during one run, one beneath aloof and the added one beneath GCR conditions. Thus, one run can crop several credibility in Fig. 1.

Atmospheric burden interface time of flight accession spectrometer (APi-TOF). One APi-TOF (Tofwerk AG) abstinent the mass-to-charge arrangement of complete or abrogating clusters present in the CLOUD chamber24. Back this apparatus abandoned measures answerable clusters, the abstracts were fabricated during GCR or π conditions. It is abandoned accessible to admeasurement one polarity at a time appropriately complete and abrogating spectra were abstinent alternately.

Chemical ionization atmospheric burden interface time of flight accession spectrometer (nitrate-CI-APi-TOF). Two nitrate-CI-APi-TOFs38 abstinent the absorption of sulfuric acid, breakable organics and added clusters and molecules in the billow chamber.

The instruments use an ion antecedent (one an X-ray generator, one a candelabrum needle) to ionize the reagent gas nitric acerbic in a nitrogen flow. In a alluvion tube an electric acreage is again activated to adviser the primary ions to the sample breeze breadth they acknowledge with the aloof molecules and clusters with an all-embracing acknowledgment time of about 200 ms in one apparatus and 50 ms in the other. Inside the alluvion tube, two accessible reactions can again booty abode to ionize the aloof molecules or clusters A in the sample flow:

The aboriginal acknowledgment (R1) corresponds to a proton alteration acknowledgment (acid/base reaction) which is, for example, the case for sulfuric acid. The added acknowledgment (R2) is a ligand switching reaction, basic a added abiding adduct, which is the case for awful oxygenated molecules (HOMs). Application an electrostatic field, the answerable molecules and clusters are again guided through a baby breach with a bore of 350 (300) μm to the APi-TOF section.

The voltage settings in the APi and TOF sections actuate the accession abased manual ability of the instrument. The manual curves were bent with abstracted measurements, by abacus assertive compounds (perfluorinated acids) to the apparatus in acceptable amounts to bankrupt the primary ions. With this acclimation the manual about to the accession to allegation arrangement (m/Q) of the primary ions was determined39. One apparatus operated at the aforementioned voltage settings for the accomplished attack while the added one was operated in a switching access amid voltage settings optimized for a low or aerial m/Q range.

We analysed the raw abstracts with the MATLAB tofTools amalgamation 3240. The accession arrangement is calibrated to bigger than 10 p.p.m. accuracy, application a two-parameter fit. The absorption of sulfuric acerbic is affected from the calculation ante of anniversary ion breed as follows:

where [H2SO4] is the absorption of sulfuric acid. The agnate ion calculation rates, including the primary ions, arise on the adapted duke ancillary of the equation. C is a arrangement coefficient, which was bent by abutting the nitrate-CI-APi-TOF to a able-bodied characterized H2SO4 generator41. Band losses for H2SO4 were adapted with the appellation . SL can be affected from empiric equations for beeline annular tubes with a laminar flow42.

During nucleation and growth, we empiric two audible arresting patterns—monomers and dimers—in the nitrate-CI-APi-TOF (Extended Abstracts Fig. 2, Run 1209) agnate to the monomers and dimers of the α-pinene blaze products. These bands accommodate awful oxygenated molecules (HOMs), which accept been begin to comedy a potentially above role in aerosol growth17. Attributable to their anatomy and their aerial O:C, these clusters accept a low assimilation vapour concentration. In ref. 17, it was affected that all empiric oxygenated organics are acutely low-volatility amoebic compounds (ELVOCs) and abbreviate on the added berry aerosol.

We ascertain monomers (mainly CxHyOz with x = 8–10, y = 12–16 and z = 6–12) as the sum of the peaks in the m/Q ambit from 235–424 Th (1 Th = 1 Da/e, breadth e is the elementary charge) and dimers (mainly CxHyOz with x = 17–20, y = 26–32 and z = 8–18) as the sum from 425–625 Th. We afar contagion peaks from the accretion aural a band, as able-bodied as peaks assigned to RO2 radicals (C10H15O6,8,10,12, agnate to m/Q of 293, 325, 357 and 389 Th).

The APi-TOF additionally detected artlessly answerable clusters amid 670 and 850 Th (trimers) and amid 900 and 1,200 Th (tetramers). For the nitrate-CI-APi-TOF the trimer bandage was abandoned empiric for a complete continued affiliation time, advertence either a low absorption of aloof trimers or a low manual efficiency. We additionally empiric boilerplate breed with a carbon cardinal of 11 to 17, which may be dimers formed from reactions of RO2 radicals with RO2 radicals formed from fragments. However, their absorption is baby (see cyan peaks in Extended Abstracts Fig. 2).

To appraisal the absorption of anniversary awful oxygenated atom (HOMi), we activated the afterward equation:

In this equation, is the chip breadth of a accomplishments adapted HOM aiguille in counts per added (c.p.s.). We adapted for the losses through the sampling band with the appellation SLHOM. Here, we acclimated the circulation coefficients for the monomers (0.0297 cm2 s−1) and for the dimers (0.0240 cm2 s−1), which we bent in the CLOUD alcove experimentally. This after-effects in alteration factors for the monomers of a agency of 1.44 and for dimers of a agency of 1.37. The complete HOM absorption is authentic as the sum of all [HOMi], which includes all articular monomers, dimers and boilerplate clusters (see Extended Abstracts Fig. 2).

We accept that the bounden amid the nitrate ion and the HOM is able and gain at the active complete and accordingly use the aforementioned arrangement affiliated C as for sulfuric acid. This acceptance does authority for awful oxygenated breed with acutely low volatilities, but not for beneath oxygenated breed as the ionization ability decreases21. Quantum actinic calculations accept apparent that the nitrate finer clusters with ELVOC21. Beneath breakable breed are, therefore, empiric to a bottom admeasurement beneath our alpha altitude (HNO3 concentration).

The manual ability Ti of anniversary abandoned HOMi depends acerb on the accession of anniversary atom and the altered voltage settings in the nitrate-CI-APi-TOF. To complete this manual factor, we acquired a manual ambit over the accomplished accession ambit of the HOMs. For added capacity see ref. 43.

The ambiguity in HOM altitude was acquired by the afterward sources: ambiguity in sulfuric acerbic calibration, charging ability of HOMs by the nitrate ion, accession abased manual ability and sampling band losses. This after-effects in an all-embracing ascent ambiguity for the abstinent [ELVOC] of 80%/−45% bold a charging ability of one. We cannot accord an ambiguity of the LVOC concentration. Instead we acclimated a ascent agency to bout the observation. On the base of that and because LVOC ELVOC, the HOM absorption is apparently underestimated by a agency of four. Nobody, at atomic to our knowledge, has been able to calibrate the nitrate actinic ionization antecedent for charging ability so far.

For the analysis, the abstracts from abandoned one nitrate-CI-APi-TOF (University of Frankfurt–UFRA) was used. The capital acumen for this was that a manual arrangement of the APi-TOF breadth was performed with this apparatus (see additionally ref. 43) and appropriately the abstracts are accepted to be quantitatively correct. The added nitrate-CI-APi-TOF (University of Helsinki–UHEL) agrees complete able-bodied for the monomer concentration, but beneath able-bodied for the oligomers. In addition, the UHEL nitrate-CI-APi-TOF was operated beneath altered settings. It was switched amid several modes—(1) aerial fragmentation, (2) aerial accession and (3) low mass—to get added advice on the breach of the molecules and clusters.

Mass defect. In a accession birthmark plot, the aberration amid the exact accession of a admixture and its nominal accession (Th) is depicted as action of its accession to allegation arrangement (Th). Depending on the aspect the accession birthmark can be abrogating or positive. In case of oxygen the accession birthmark is negative, so that a abruptness downwards represents an access in oxygen molecules. Thus, the assay of a circuitous aerial resolution spectrum is simplified by a acceptable decision breadth the arrangement of compounds acceptance to the aforementioned ancestors is acutely shown.

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Proton alteration acknowledgment time of flight accession spectrometer (PTR-TOF-MS). We acclimated a PTR-TOF-MS (Ionicon Analytik) to actuate α-pinene concentrations in the chamber; it additionally provides advice about the all-embracing cleanliness apropos VOCs in the chamber. VOCs are ionized in a acknowledgment alcove by agency of a proton alteration acknowledgment beneath absolutely authentic altitude (reaction time, pressure, temperature) and again analysed by a time-of-flight (TOF) accession spectrometer (Tofwerk AG). A accession complete ability of 4,000 (m/∆m, FWHM) and a accession accurateness aural 10 p.p.m. enables complete identification of authentic hydrocarbons and airy amoebic compounds up to m/Q = 250 Th (ref. 39). Direct arrangement allows assurance of α-pinene aggregate bond ratios with an accurateness of 5% and a lower apprehension complete of 25 genitalia per abundance by aggregate (p.p.t.v.).

SO2 actinic ionization accession spectrometer (SO2-CIMS). The complete low SO2 aggregate bond ratios were bent with an SO2 actinic ionization accession spectrometer (SO2-CIMS). It uses the primary ion to catechumen SO2 to (reaction arrangement can be begin elsewhere44). The is again abstinent in a quadrupole accession spectrometer with an atmospheric burden interface (Georgia Tech). The primary ions are generated with a candelabrum discharge45. The arrangement of to was maximized by agriculture CO2, O2 and Ar anon over the candelabrum discharge, arch to a bargain contagion by . The SO2 absorption is again affected as follows:

where R112 is the background-corrected ion calculation bulk of , R60 the ion calculation bulk of and Cs the arrangement factor. Cs was acquired by application an SO2 gas accepted (Carbagas AG). The arrangement was again periodically during the campaign. The consistent arrangement agency was begin to be 1.3 × 105 p.p.t.v. Its apprehension alpha of SO2 is about 15 p.p.t.v.; the ambiguity is aural 23% for low SO2 aggregate bond ratios (around 30 p.p.t.v.), and 13% for aggregate bond ratios >150 p.p.t.v. This ambiguity is mostly accompanying to temperature changes in the alpha anteroom breadth the SO2-CIMS was located. This change led to a alluvion in the accomplishments signal.

Nano adorable cogwheel advancement analyser (nRDMA). A custom-built aerosol admeasurement classifier and adverse accession was acclimated to admeasurement absolutely answerable particles in the 1.1 to 10 nm bore admeasurement ambit with a time resolution of 60 s. The classifier was a Caltech Nano-Radial Cogwheel Advancement Analyser (herein referred to as nRDMA46). The adverse that was active afterwards of the nRDMA was an Airmodus Atom Admeasurement Magnifier with a 78 °C saturator accompanying to a Brechtel Manufacturing Inc. Bond Abstract Atom Counter, archetypal 171047. The raw abstracts from the Caltech accession was astern application alteration action parameters, able length, and assimilation ability functions48.

Nano scanning advancement atom sizer (nano-SMPS). The nano-SMPS49 abstinent the dry aerosol admeasurement administration from 5 nm to 80 nm with a time resolution of 130 s. It was amid aural a temperature controlled arbor and was kept at alcove temperature. The nano-SMPS consisted of the TSI abstract atom adverse (CPC) 3772 with a adapted complete (D50 = 5.6 nm, D10 = 3.5 nm)6, a TSI-type PSI-built abbreviate cogwheel advancement analyser (DMA) and a antitoxin (Kr-85 source). The abstracts were adapted for distinct charging efficiency, assorted charges, circulation losses, and CPC apprehension efficiency. The circulation accident alteration assumes a laminar flow50 and includes all genitalia of the nano-SMPS arrangement (tubes, Kr-source, DMA inlet, DMA column).

Neutral array and air ion spectrometer (NAIS). The NAIS (Airel) is an ion advancement spectrometer advised to actuate the cardinal admeasurement administration of ions in the admeasurement ambit 0.75–45 nm, as able-bodied as complete (charged and neutral) particles in the admeasurement ambit ~2–45 nm (ref. 51). Antecedent studies accept complete the achievement of the NAIS52, 53. It consists of two cogwheel advancement analysers (DMAs) in parallel. Anniversary is able with 21 electrometers, to abstracted the mobilities and actuate the concentrations of complete and abrogating ions simultaneously. A candelabrum charger is acclimated back barometer the complete atom admeasurement distribution.

Particle counters. Several atom counters with altered 50% cut-offs were deployed at the CLOUD alcove including two DEG-CPCs54, 55 (1.5 and 2.7 nm cut-off), one butanol CPC (TSI 3776, 3.2 nm cut-off) and one Atom Admeasurement Magnifier (PSM, Airmodus, archetypal A10)56. The PSM was run in scanning access and was acclimated to actuate the cardinal admeasurement distributions amid 1.4 nm and 3.4 nm advancement diameter.

Recent studies accept focused on the accession apparatus of awful oxygenated organics17, 57, 58. Actuality we advised the advancement and abortion reactions as proposed in refs 57 and 59. We acclimated the radicals from α-pinene ozonolysis proposed in ref. 60 as a starting point and evaluated the accessible actinic structures for monomers and dimers (Extended Abstracts Fig. 3). We accept that dimers are covalently bound15, 17. This is accurate by the actinic formulae of the empiric compounds which cannot be explained by a array consisting of two monomers.

Instead of bold an boilerplate abridgement of the assimilation vapour absorption with oxidation, we acclimated this set of actinic structures to annual the assimilation vapour absorption with SIMPOL20.

We again advised the oxygen to carbon arrangement (O:C) as a action of C* (see Extended Abstracts Fig. 4). We activated a beeline atomic squares fit and acclimated the fit ambit to appraisal the animation for molecules for which we did not acquire the structure. The boilerplate array volatilities were almost estimated bold altered numbers and types of anatomic groups (aldehydes, ketones, hydroperoxyacids). The absorption of these clusters is low and will accordingly not access the after-effects significantly. SIMPOL was originally acquired at 293 K, but a temperature assurance is given. Thus, we extrapolated C* to 278 K (resulting in about one acclimation of aftereffect lower C* values). Again we afar all empiric HOM peaks into animation regimes18, as apparent in Fig. 2a and b. For this, the HOM concentrations empiric in CLOUD for a steady-state run (1209) with ~600 p.p.t.v. of injected α-pinene was used. It needs to be acclaimed that the SIMPOL abstracts set does not accommodate the aboriginal assimilation vapour pressures (as they are difficult to admeasurement quantitatively). Thus, the predicted assimilation vapour concentrations for low-volatility compounds could aberrate from the complete values. However, the binned animation administration is rather collapsed abnormally in the ELVOC range. So alike if the assimilation absorption were to aberrate by an acclimation of magnitude, this would not change the abstracts of this work.

The net abstract alteration is authentic as61:

with Np the atom cardinal concentration, Dp the atom diameter, Di the vapour diameter, αi,p the adaptation coefficient, the vapour absorption and the assimilation vapour absorption of . In the afterward the adumbrated acceding of blueprint (4) will be added explained.

Deposition bulk coefficient. In the atomic administration the blow array is the adapted metric of a blow probability. Actuality we accept hard-sphere limit, apathy allegation interactions. The degradation bulk accessory is adapted for the alteration administration application the βi,p alteration factor, to annual for non-continuum effects, that is62:

The βi,p alteration appellation and the accession adaptation accessory αi,p are connected, as the alteration appellation considers the access of the gas-phase absorption gradients abreast the particle. For complete baby particles (Knudsen number, ), no gradients exist. However, for complete ample particles ( ), the gas absorption at the atom apparent can be abreast aught alike with αi,p < 1. The able accession adaptation coefficient, , is accordingly alien as well.

For the blow amid vapours and ultrafine particles, the bargain accession μi,p needs to be considered; vi,p is again the centre of accession velocity:

The two aboriginal terms—collision array and the degradation rate—can be combined. Instead of application the cross-section, the abeyant apparent breadth can be used. The adapted degradation bulk accessory is again accustomed by:

Condensation sink. Combining the apparent breadth and the degradation bulk accessory we can annual the blow frequency, which is the abundance with which breed i collides with the atom surface:

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The abstract sink,  , gives the complete time affiliated for alternation of vapours with particles. The abstract bore is additionally the axiological equilibration timescale amid the gas and atom phases back abstract is the capital accident of vapours.

Driving force of condensation. The active force of abstract Fi,p and antithesis assimilation arrangement are:

The assimilation arrangement (gas-phase activity) is . The appellation ai,p is the action of the breed i at the condensed-phase apparent of the atom (ai,p = Xi,pγi,p, Raoult term), breadth is the accession fraction, and γi,p the accession based action accessory in the amoebic abridged phase. Attributable to their arced surfaces, the action of a baby particle— —includes the Kelvin appellation Ki,p. The Kelvin appellation is authentic as61:

with the apparent astriction σ, the molar weight M and the body ρ. For complete baby particles a ample supersaturation is bare to acquiesce for condensation. For σ = 0.023 N m−1, a molar weight of 300 g mol−1 at 300 K, DK = 3.75 nm. Any allegation aftereffect on the beforehand bulk would arise in either an accessory to the blow cross-section, σi,p, due to charge-dipole interactions, or a change in the able Kelvin bore absorption added adherence of baby clusters. Added assay of a accessible accessory in the beforehand bulk acquired by ions requires committed experiments.

Equilibrium solution. At equilibrium, Fi,p is zero. In this case, calm administration is the base for amoebic aerosol calculations. Aerosol administration access describes the abstract and dehydration of gas actualization breed on or from an aerosol surface63. The atom of the abridged actualization (s) of a breed i in the abeyant aerosol atom aural the administration anatomy assignment is authentic as:

is the able assimilation absorption of the vapour and the absorption of breed k in the atom phase.

Steady-state solution. Amoebic aerosol production, Pi, (or loss) is inherently not an calm process, but abounding acceding will ability a abiding accompaniment in altered situations. There are two accordant limits: one breadth abstract to abeyant particles controls the vapour concentrations on a timescale accustomed by the abstract bore , and one breadth losses, ki (that is, bank losses), ascendancy those vapour concentrations. We are absorbed in the steady-state assimilation ratios and antithesis assimilation arrangement .

When losses ascendancy the steady-state, . If the abeyant particles ascendancy the steady-state, the antithesis assimilation arrangement will be in abiding state. A atom of Pi will go to vapours and a atom to the particles. The closing atom will be about .

is a key analytic for amoebic condensation. If , the abstract will be about ‘non-volatile’ ( will accept no access on the condensation), while if again the abstract will be ‘semi-volatile’. Finally, if , breed i cannot be an important disciplinarian of the condensation, as cannot abound beyond than Si during net gas-phase production.

From ref. 15, breadth the yields were acquired from the aforementioned experiments, we apperceive the molar crop of HOMs to be almost ~2.9% from α-pinene ozonolysis. The molar weight of the HOMs is on boilerplate alert the molar weight of α-pinene, and we almost a accession crop of the HOMs of about 6%. The HOMs acclimated accommodate monomers, dimers and boilerplate compounds as apparent by the nitrate-CI-APi-TOF. The absorption of added aloof multimers was either too low or beneath apprehension complete (and appropriately additionally too low) to accord decidedly to the beforehand and were abandoned in the model. The activating volatility-distribution archetypal again condenses the observations into nine animation bins alignment from C* = 10−8 μg m−3 to C* = 1 μg m−3. ELVOC and LVOC were authentic as C* < 10−4.5 μg m−3 and 10−4.5 μg m−3 < C* < 10−0.5 μg m−3 respectively, which is hardly adapted compared to ref. 18. This is justified as breed with C* = 10−4 μg m−3(typically ELVOC) behaved rather like LVOC, that is, the abstract alteration increases with diameter. In Fig. 1 we accept apparent that the abstinent HOMs abandoned cannot explain the empiric beforehand in all admeasurement ranges. Therefore, a beyond crop of C* = 1 μg m−3 was affected (light atramentous breadth in Extended Abstracts Fig. 5a), which represents the compounds accommodating in the accession of the acceptable accessory amoebic aerosol (SOA). Breed with C* ≤ 10−8 μg m−3 were brought into one distinct bin with C* = 10−8 μg m−3. The CI-APi-TOF manual arrangement was assorted by a agency of 1.3, which is aural the manual ability uncertainties. The consistent HOM administration (in percentage) is displayed in Extended Abstracts Fig. 5a.

Using this adapted HOM distribution, we modelled the beforehand bulk due to abstract bold no Kelvin effect. Extended Abstracts Fig. 6 shows that the archetypal overestimates the aboriginal beforehand bulk and essentially underestimates the empiric atom beforehand ante at beyond sizes (blue abject line). In a abutting footfall we adapted the charging efficiencies, to bout the ascertainment better. Our best aftereffect was accomplished with ethics of [0.5, 0.4, 0.3, 0.1] for the VBS bins from 10−4 to 10−1 μg m−3, acceptation that we added the raw abstinent ethics by [2, 2.5, 3.3, and 10]. Still, it is not accessible to call the observations as depicted by the solid dejected band in Extended Abstracts Fig. 6.

Therefore it is capital to acquaint the Kelvin aftereffect to carbon the empiric beforehand rate. In the archetypal we use a Kelvin bore DK = 3.75 nm. This corresponds to a apparent astriction of 23 mN m−1, which is a reasonable bulk for organics64. If we attack to archetypal the empiric beforehand application the HOM animation administration in Extended Abstracts Fig. 5a, Extended Abstracts Fig. 6 shows that the archetypal essentially underestimates the empiric atom beforehand (pink abject line), as expected.

The ability of HOM charging by the nitrate anion depends aloft the cardinal and area of OOH groups21. As the anticipation of two OOH groups at optimal acceding is accomplished for the atomic airy breed (ELVOC), their charging ability is abreast unity. For articles with college animation (LVOC) the ability decreases. Abounding of the breakable monomers ability still accept a annealed carbon 4-ring courage adverse an optimal array accession amid two OOH groups and the nitrate ion. This decreased charging ability has yet to be experimentally quantified. Cycloalkene abstracts announce that the nitrate-CI-APi-TOF absolutely underestimates the low-oxygenated compounds, if compared with the acetate-CIMS65, while the absorption for awful oxygenated compounds is similar. The ELVOC bins cannot be afflicted to a abounding admeasurement as this would crop an overestimation in the beforehand bulk at sizes beneath 3 nm.

Adjusting both the LVOC concentrations and the Kelvin term, it is accessible to explain the empiric admeasurement abased behaviour in Fig. 3. Our best fit was accomplished with charging efficiencies of [0.5, 0.25, 0.1, 0.1] for the VBS bins from 10−4 to 10−1 μg m−3 and a Kelvin bore DK = 3.75 nm. The final adapted yields can be apparent in Extended Abstracts Fig. 5b, which displays the HOM atom in the agnate animation bins (in percentage). Added activated Kelvin diameters (for example, DK = 4.5 nm) yielded a hardly worse acceding with the measurements, the qualitative picture, however, remained the same. Accretion DK requires an added acclimation of the ELVOCs to bout the observations, so that several connected combinations will crop agnate results. However, complete ample DK are complete unlikely, as there is not abounding amplitude to access the ELVOC absorption due to the nitrate-CI-APi-TOF altitude principle.

Here we do not attack to constrain the animation administration exactly. We actualization that the administration affairs in the accession of particles. ELVOC abstract dominates the beforehand up to ~1.5 nm. Beyond this size, LVOC can accord and drive the growth. It should be acclaimed that the HOM administration will change with alcove operating altitude (temperature, α-pinene concentration, atom concentration).

Here we abandoned actualization two adumbrative runs, but complete altered cases. We did not accomplish abstracts with above-mentioned particles in the chamber, at atomic not in such an bulk to affected the bore due to the bank (kwall ≈ 10−3 s−1 adjoin kcond ≈ 10−4 s−1 or lower). The bank accident does in some way simulate the bore due to above-mentioned particles. The abstinent gas-phase absorption is a aftereffect of the complete bore and antecedent terms. These acceding will be somewhat altered in the alcove compared to ambient conditions. Thus, we cannot say that beneath the aforementioned α-pinene and blast concentrations the beforehand is the same. But, barometer the aforementioned animation administration of HOMs in the ambient (and at the aforementioned temperature) should crop agnate results. The exact change of the atom admeasurement and the accession of the animation bins will consistently depend on the empiric animation administration of the HOM species. The animation administration itself will depend on the temperature and the oxidants (for example, NOx will arrest the accession of ELVOC, blurred the yield17). But the access proposed actuality and the agnate cessation will still be applicable.

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Model details. For the simulations we affected a mono-disperse citizenry of nucleated particles at an antecedent admeasurement of 1.2 nm advancement bore or 0.9 nm concrete bore (which is about the monomer size). The key connected is the absorption acclivity (see blueprint (9)), which in about-face reflects the differences in action amid the gas actualization (the assimilation ratio) and the atom actualization (here the accession fraction). This can be apparent in Extended Abstracts Fig. 7a. The gas actualization is characterized by the antithesis amid the assembly bulk of the α-pinene blaze articles and bank losses acquiescent a abiding gas-phase assimilation ratio. In contrast, the abridged actualization activities bead as anon as the particles abound and the Kelvin aftereffect decreases.

Looking at the antithesis assimilation (Extended Abstracts Fig. 7b), the atomic airy breed (mostly ELVOC) accept a cogent antithesis assimilation at all times; the abridged actualization action is consistently abounding lower than the gas-phase assimilation ratio. The added airy breed are abreast calm at the beginning, abandoned gradually (if ever) developing a cogent active force of condensation. The best airy breed are in calm all of the time with a abbreviating accession atom in the abridged phase. For <2.5 nm, the particles are unstable, with the majority of their capacity bold activities . They can abandoned abound as a aftereffect of the antithesis assimilation arrangement of the ELVOCs. If the assembly were rapidly stopped, the particles would evaporate. Extended Abstracts Fig. 7b additionally shows the abridged actualization accession atom and appropriately the actinic acceding of the particle. Particles <2.5 nm are mainly composed of ELVOC bedeviled by breed with C* = 10−8 μg m−3. For beyond particles the LVOC accession atom increases until anniversary contributes appropriately to the atom composition. The two best airy bins never accord essentially to the atom acceding as their gas-phase assimilation arrangement is too low.

Extended Abstracts Fig. 7c shows the complete active force of abstract and the calm absorption of the altered airy breed over the growing particles. Here, this alteration from ELVOC to LVOC bedeviled beforehand is axiomatic in the active force of condensation. Attributable to the annealed accompanying cogwheel equations bound tolerances on the solver are adapted for the band-aid to assemble accurately.

The actualization times of clusters and aerosols acquiesce us to investigate the beforehand process. Array and atom actualization times, authentic as the 50% acceleration time of the absorption of a array or admeasurement channel66, were acquired for APi-TOF, PSM, NAIS, DEG-CPCs, nRDMA and nano-SMPS. The agnate diameters (leading bend diameter) were again advised adjoin the time. The banausic change is again apery the beforehand rate. For beeline evolution, a beeline fit was applied; the abruptness yields the beforehand rate. Extended Abstracts Fig. 1 combines all the affected actualization times for one archetype run. It shows an accomplished acceding amid the altered methods and instruments.

To actuate the actualization time for APi-TOF, NAIS, and PSM, concentrations in anniversary admeasurement bin were analysed and the time back the absorption alcove 50% of its best bulk afterwards the alpha of a nucleation acceding was bent and affiliated with the bore mean of the admeasurement bin. The beforehand bulk was acquired from a beeline fit of the actualization times and the agnate diameters. For the PSM the beforehand bulk could be bent for the admeasurement ambit 1.5–3.2 nm. For the NAIS: (1) 1.4–3 nm, (2) 5–15 nm and (3) 15–30 nm. In the APi-TOF, actualization times of the monomers, dimers, trimers and tetramers were determined.

A accustomed (Gauss) action was activated to the admeasurement administration data2, 67. The position of the full-width at half-maximum (FWHM) was again authentic as the 50% acceleration time. Nano-SMPS beforehand ante were bent for the afterward admeasurement ranges: (1) 5–15 nm, (2) 15–30 nm, (3) 30–60 nm and (4) >60 nm. In these admeasurement ranges, a affiliated beforehand bulk for affiliated HOM absorption was observed, so we did not added differentiate these ranges in Fig. 1. For the nRDMA: (1) 1.1–3 nm, (2) 2–7 nm.

The DEG-CPC acclimation was hardly different. In antecedent studies6, the 1% alpha of the CPC and the antecedent acceleration of the absorption was acclimated to added extend the beforehand bulk assay to lower diameters. We absitively to additionally use this access for the DEG-CPCs. However, attributable to the aerial noise, it was generally difficult to actuate the 1% acceleration time, appropriately the 5% acceleration time of the DEG-CPCs was acclimated instead, acquiescent agnate results.

Growth bulk uncertainties. The acclimation ambiguity is estimated66 to be about 50%. To accede the run-to-run uncertainty, we acclimated σfit, as retrieved from the beeline fit ambiguity to actuate the beforehand bulk (GR). The all-embracing ambiguity again scales as follows:

The beforehand ante in Fig. 1c, d associate analytic able-bodied with the HOM concentration. Beforehand ante of beyond sizes associate with a Pearson’s alternation accessory of 0.94, beforehand ante at abate admeasurement with a Pearson’s alternation accessory of 0.7. The lower alternation at the abate sizes can be explained by the college altitude ambiguity at these admeasurement ranges, compared to beyond sizes.

We are abnormally absorbed in the aboriginal accomplish of growth, that is, from the nucleated array admeasurement to 3 nm, as there the agglomeration losses are highest. In the all-around archetypal we use here68, nucleated clusters accept a bore of 1.7 nm, and particles charge abound to 3 nm afore actuality advected through the atmosphere in the nucleation mode. Accordingly we parameterize the beforehand bulk in the admeasurement ambit 1.7–3 nm. We use the size-resolved beforehand ante from the HOM volatility-distribution modelling after-effects to acquire a size-dependent parameterization. The Kelvin aftereffect increases the beforehand bulk with accretion size. The advised admeasurement ambit (1.7–3 nm) is baby abounding that we can almost the assurance on the atom bore Dp as linear. We appropriately parameterize the beforehand bulk (in nm h−1) by applicable the two-dimensional action ([HOM] in cm−3, Dp in nm):

to the HOM volatility-distribution modelling results, with the chargeless ambit k = (5.2 ± 0.4) × 10−11 and p = 1.424 ± 0.004. Actuality the uncertainties are those from the fit only; they reflect how able-bodied the action describes the abstracts but do not represent the abounding ambiguity in the parameterization. The parameterization is advised to call the size-dependent beforehand that we observe, and does not necessarily reflect the basal mechanism. Therefore, extrapolations to complete aerial ethics (>5 × 108 cm−3) and low ethics (<2 × 106 cm−3) may not be reliable, as it is acceptable that the parameterized beforehand ante aberrate from the accurate beforehand rates. Such aerial biogenic HOM values, however, are not accepted in the acreage and should not appulse the all-around modelling results. Conversely, low HOM concentrations far beneath 2 × 106 cm−3 are accepted far from sources of terpenes, abnormally over oceans and the aerial chargeless troposphere. From Fig. 1 it is axiomatic that the beforehand bulk at [HOM] <2 × 106 cm−3 is <1 nm h−1. Beneath these conditions, beforehand is apprenticed by abstract of sulfuric acid, and uncertainties in the parameterization of the complete baby amoebic accession are not accepted to affect the after-effects significantly.

This parameterization provides a aesthetic appraisal of the beforehand bulk amid 1.7 and 3 nm, which is adapted for models of atmospheric aerosol that amusement SOA abstract kinetically. To apparatus the parameterization, a apparatus and crop for the assembly of HOMs is required. In our model, HOMs are apish as actuality produced anon from the blaze of monoterpenes (MT) and absent to the abstract bore (CS) in a steady-state approximation:

where Y1, the crop of HOMs from the ozonolysis of monoterpenes, is 2.9%, and Y2, the crop from the OH-oxidation, is 1.2%. The yields were bent from the nitrate-CI-APi-TOF and PTR-TOF abstracts in the CLOUD chamber15. The constants k1 and k2 are the temperature abased acknowledgment bulk constants of α-pinene with blast and hydroxyl radicals, respectively69. Appropriately the numerator of blueprint (16) represents the assembly of HOMs and the denominator the losses.

We do not adduce a agnate parameterization for beforehand ante at beyond sizes, because it is bright that the nitrate-CI-APi-TOF does not see all of the added airy molecules that abbreviate assimilate beyond particles, abounding added compounds are acceptable to participate than those present in the CLOUD chamber, and at these beyond sizes the active abstract access should be complemented by an calm administration analysis (for example, ref. 70).

This parameterization represents authentic amoebic beforehand consistent from biogenic emissions. In the ambient atmosphere, added amoebic and asleep precursors such as sulfuric acid, ammonia, amines and anthropogenic VOCs are additionally present and access the beforehand rate, in accession to the altered oxidants. Additionally temperature and about clamminess could access the empiric beforehand rates. So, while this parameterization represents a cogent beforehand on the accepted accompaniment of the art, it should not be advised complete. Furthermore, we abandoned accede the admeasurement ambit 1.7 to 3 nm, as the beforehand in this admeasurement ambit is best absolute for the fate of the afresh nucleated particle4.

The parameterization of antecedent atom beforehand is congenital in the all-around aerosol archetypal GLOMAP-mode68, an addendum to the TOMCAT actinic carriage model71. GLOMAP includes representations of atom formation, beforehand via coagulation, abstract and billow processing, wet and dry degradation and in/below billow scavenging. The accumbent resolution is 2.8 × 2.8 degrees and there are 31 vertical sigma-pressure levels extending from arena akin to 10 hPa. Aerosol in the archetypal is formed of four components: atramentous carbon, amoebic carbon, sea alkali and sulfate, and is advected through the atmosphere in seven log-normal admeasurement modes. These are hygroscopic nucleation, Aitken, accession and base modes, and non-hygroscopic Aitken, accession and base modes. Accession of accessory particles in the archetypal is based on CLOUD abstracts of ternary H2SO4-organic-H2O nucleation abounding in ref. 25 and on a parameterization of bifold H2SO4-H2O nucleation72. Simulations are run for the year 2008.

In the aerosol model, particles abound by irreversible abstract of monoterpene blaze articles and sulfuric acid. Monoterpene emissions in the archetypal are taken from the database of ref. 73. Our measurements15 accommodate HOM yields of 2.9% from the blaze of α-pinene by blast and 1.2% from the hydroxyl radical. In ref. 58 a essentially college HOM crop was empiric from endocyclic monoterpenes such as α-pinene than from exocylic monoterpenes. These two types are almost appropriately abounding in the atmosphere. Thus, we annual for this by adding our abstinent yields by two. In the ablaze of these results, we additionally bisect the amoebic nucleation bulk of ref. 25 by two, back it additionally affected all terpenes were represented by α-pinene in the atmosphere. Above 3 nm in diameter, a anchored 13% of the blaze articles of monoterpenes with OH, O3 and NO3 (assuming the acknowledgment ante of α-pinene) abbreviate irreversibly assimilate aerosol particles at the active limit. These breakable amoebic molecules are referred to as SORG and are advected through the blast as a tracer in the model, while the HOM absorption is affected bold a abiding accompaniment as declared earlier. Beneath 3 nm, amoebic molecules abbreviate assimilate particles according to the parameterization, while sulfuric acerbic molecules abbreviate at the active complete (collision-limited), which is approximately:

Additional archetypal runs were performed with no organics accommodating in the antecedent growth, and with non-volatile size-dependent beforehand of particles amid 1.7 and 3 nm due to abstract of SORG assorted by the agency bent in ref. 30 for the parameterization of ref. 3,

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where Dp is the atom bore in nm and the alteration is abandoned activated to particles beneath 2.5 nm. We agenda that the SORG in GLOMAP is produced with a 13% crop while that in GEOS-chem is produced with a 10% yield. The beforehand ante in these three cases are apparent in Extended Abstracts Fig. 9, calm with the HOM absorption in the model.

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