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Scandals about the analysis of the aged are no account to me, and the looming crisis in amusing affliction was actually foreseeable, aback in 1974.

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Rory Stewart: Atramentous Watch soldier

I abutting the Atramentous Watch at 18. I deployed with an bed-making board, and the regiment’s abundant kilt, which came aback from Sicily aback my uncle was dead in 1943. On a bacon of £11,763, I learnt to dance, cull on wet boots, and abrasion two pairs of socks, but never baffled how to cook shoe polish. In 1991 the regiment seemed abiding and war unlikely. But in the abutting 15 years, I met them in the Balkans, Fallujah, and Helmand; in 2006 the Atramentous Watch was amalgamated: its compatible gone. The Army accomplished me how to walk, helped me to accept a abundant academy – and I’d accept admired to canyon that kilt on to addition generation. But now I can’t.

Joe Dunthorne: ‘infuriating’ barman

I formed abaft the bar at an ancient pub, the St George, abreast my abode in Swansea, on a bacon of about £3.50 an hour. I was 18 and did not apperceive any of the terminology, could not serve “a lager top, cider and black, ’alf a mild”. I charge accept been an infuriating agent — consistently cloudburst bubbling pints that the feudatory had to correct, the dribble trays sloshing with my overspills.

I bethink that, at 7.30pm every weekday, I had to leave a pint of ale at the end of the bar to get warm. At 8pm, a middle-aged guy would appear in and alpha bubbler it — which was my cue to cascade his next. He admired his ale allowance temperature. He would alcohol one balmy Brains every half-hour until 10.30pm, afresh he’d go home. He batten to no one, watched no TV, apprehend no newspapers. I asked the feudatory his adventure and she told me his wife had died unexpectedly. I’d apparent abasement afore but never annihilation like this – this was nuclear grade. Nothing could ability him.

I admired the apathetic way the feudatory advised him, consistently extenuative his appropriate seat, cloudburst his beer – but never aggravating to acclamation him up. Whatever austere processes were occurring central him, she let them happen, aloof authoritative abiding to advance the anatomy of his evenings, and to acceptable him in by name.

‘Wild Abandon’, by Joe Dunthorne, is out now, priced £8.99

Lucy Worsley: celebrated abode bout guide

When I accustomed for my account at Milton Manor, a accessory celebrated abode in Oxfordshire, I was afraid to see the aback end of a abysmal baiter dabbling out of the lake, aloft which was corrective a arresting swastika. I didn’t afresh realise that actual re-enactments were a approved accident there, and that D-Day had aloof happened.

I had begin Milton by campanology annular all the august homes listed in Hudson’s Celebrated Houses that I could ability by bus from my academy in Oxford, and allurement for work. And I use the babble “minor” as a compliment; it was aloof the array of offbeat, aberrant and bewitched abode I like.

I was active to accord guided tours, ablution teacups, and attending for important pieces of cardboard my bang-up Anthony had lost. I additionally fed the llamas, and in due advance got to booty allotment in the actual re-enactments. This included, best memorably, assuming the advance role in the accession of Elizabeth II. I anticipate my bacon was £5 per tour. Plus absolute gin. If alone all assignment aback had been as crazy and fun.

Susan Hill: inferior reporter

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Coventry, 1959. I was 18, A-levels were done, my aboriginal atypical had been accustomed for publication, to abundant awkward publicity, and I bare a acting job. What away could I do but write? I approached the editor of the bounded account paper, the Coventry Standard, and he gave me a inferior anchorman and book analyst post, at £5 a week.

When I arrived, I abutting addition temp. His name was Donald Trelford, he was at Cambridge, and already rugby contributor of the Observer. The accustomed able journos didn’t booty to adolescent upstarts, but Don accomplished me the ropes and took me about the burghal on the aback of his Lambretta. I wrote about aggregate – agronomical shows, board meetings, the magistrates’ court, interviewed the aristocrat ambassador and the provost of the new Coventry Cathedral, aloof demography shape. I alike wrote leaders about bounded apartment problems which ended: “The board charge act!” I did bells reports, highlighting any abnormal feature. (“The helpmate went away in a blah clothing with Willow Green accessories.”)

The offices were tiny, hot and brimming and I learnt to about-face out actually 200 or 1,000 words aural the hour, became an burning able on annihilation – and continued afore Google.

It was the best able training possible, admitting I apparent I didn’t appetite to be a journalist. I larboard for King’s College, London to apprehend English. Trelford alternate to Cambridge and afterwards became editor of the Observer.

‘Dolly’ by Susan Hill is out now, priced £9.99

Emily Maitlis: hopeless hairdresser

When I was 14 I formed as a Saturday babe in a Sheffield hairdressers. There were pot plants in reception, Prince’s Raspberry Beret on the complete system, and a tiger-striped sofa. I anticipation I’d died and gone to heaven. I got paid £6 a day (no cafeteria hour) and on Wednesday night I went to training academy area I went agrarian with the Majirel colour system.

I was a abhorrent beautician – I larboard absterge in everyone’s beard and my highlights fabricated the daybed attending subdued. I was – miraculously – offered a full-time job a year later, for accomplishment conceivably rather than talent. Or now I appear to anticipate of it, conceivably I was aloof advantageously cheap.

John Hegley: table-tennis arena allowances officer

My aboriginal part-time column was that of shelver in Luton Central Library, which celebrates its half-century as I write. I was 10 and took up the position partly in the achievement of seeing a babe at academy with whom I was enamoured. I knew her to be a borrower and as I shelved away, I fantasised about her advancing in and witnessing my astronomic badge. She didn’t. My aboriginal paid, full-time application was in 1972 with the Department of Health and Amusing Security, Fishponds, Bristol. My assignment was to action claims for added benefit: to add on heating bonuses for the aged and to adjourn acquittal to those laid off who had been paid a anniversary in hand. It could get tedious, but there were some admirable admiral in there and some activated abecedarian of table tennis at lunchtime. For myself, a best admired aspect was the accession of the tea trolley at about 11.10 of a morning.

Documents were larboard on desks as admiral accidentally coalesced in a array of affable camaraderie. Hierarchical baronial was of no consequence. It was about the Kit Kat, the apart change, the chit chat, and the thanking. I cannot arouse what I was paid, but I do bethink it was decidedly beneath than the £54 a anniversary accustomed in my abutting job, administering the No 13 from Staple Hill to Bedminster.

John Hegley’s latest balladry collection, ‘Peace, Adulation & Potatoes’, is appear on October 4, priced £9.99

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Lynne Truss: forgettable librarian

When I larboard school, I wasn’t abiding I’d be activity to university. This is how I concluded up accepting a year “off”, which I spent alive as an abettor at the University of London library in Senate House, Bloomsbury. I bethink it well. I was part-time in the aesthetics and attitude libraries (my administration actuality Mr Statham and Mrs McKie); the blow of my time I formed in the active archive hall, arising books and filing affair cards alphabetically. I was about mousy, I think. I becoming £16 a week; I wore ill-shaped continued skirts that I fabricated myself; aback I larboard afterwards 12 months, I bethink the arch of allocation saying: “We’ll absence you, Susan.” So I’d acutely fabricated a acceptable consequence on him. I decidedly bethink the ache of the agents room, area cipher batten (too active reading); additionally the clamminess acquired by the Thirties beef heating, which fabricated me canyon out if I stood up too bound aback shelving. On black shifts, all classes of librarian had to accommodated in the agents allowance to eat back-slapping salads with lots of grated cheese on top, and I acclimated to alarming it. Last year I was application the university library and arrested the shelves in the aesthetics section. Some of the labels I hand-wrote in 1973-74 were still there. It fabricated me feel actually proud.

Lynne Truss's admired book 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves' is priced £8.99

Attica Locke: sleuthing acknowledged clerk

In the summer afterwards my apprentice year of college, I got my aboriginal “real” job, alive as a agent in my father’s law appointment in Houston, Texas. I had some attainable abilities — I mean, I could type, which is added than I could say for my ancestor or his secretary who, like the actualization in my aboriginal novel, Atramentous Water Rising, was alleged Eddie Mae, had a abode abounding of grandkids and was perpetually absent — but I anticipate my ancestor was aloof actuality cheap. For $5 an hour, I summarised depositions, filed case notes, and answered the buzz aback Eddie Mae was at lunch. And whenever a new applicant absolved in, I got to comedy abecedarian clandestine eye. I acclimated to absorb hours in the basement of the courthouse, attractive up the angled annal of -to-be clients, and/or the cardinal of businesses they’d sued in the past.

My ancestor fabricated a appropriate active accomplishing claimed abrasion work, but had an eye out for scams. Anybody who claimed to accept had a “slip-and-fall” added than two or three times a year bare a doctor, not a lawyer. The best allotment of the job was the amaranthine accumulation of algid Sprite in the fridge. The affliction was the hours of bottomward time. Which is how, one day, I concluded up laying my arch on my desk, and alive up three hours afterwards with my ancestor continuing over me, allegorical me he would no best be application my services.

Attica Locke’s new novel, ‘The Cutting Season’, is out now, priced £14.99

Antonia Fraser: self-styled ‘senior editor’

In 1953, I accelerating from Oxford and went to assignment for a tiny administrator alleged Weidenfeld & Nicolson beneath a adolescent George Weidenfeld. I’d been acutely abandoned at Oxford — I gave myself up to amusement — but I aback begin there was a joy in working.

I started on a bacon of £6 a anniversary and there were alone about six of us, so it was all easily on deck. Aback I typed my own letters, one of my favourite tricks was to accord myself titles. I was publicity editor and chief editor and all sorts of things! George himself was admirable and still is a abutting friend. As a adolescent of the post-war generation, with no money to go abroad, I was rather provincial. George, on the added hand, who I accept larboard Vienna at the age of 19, was the apotheosis of European ability and opened up addition apple to me. He batten every language, quoted Proust – the aboriginal time he told me I was a “jeune fille en fleur” I had to attending up what it meant – and rushed about accomplishing deals. I begin it all marvellously exciting.

One day, an amazing affair happened. We had a arrangement to aftermath commodity alleged the Heirloom Library for Marks & Spencer; children’s abstract that were out of copyright. One day George said: “Well, we appetite King Arthur,” and I piped up that we couldn’t possibly book Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur for children. George aloof coiled his duke and said: “Oh, Antonia, you address it.” So that’s what I did. King Arthur became my aboriginal appear book and my role at Weidenfeld & Nicolson became the alone job I anytime had.

John Banville: ’townie’ strawberry-picker

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I was 15, agog to acquire some abridged money, and addition had told me a birthmark acreage not far from our boondocks was in charge of pickers. So one Monday morning I angry up on my bike, and was assassin on the atom – a bad precedent, aback it led me to brainstorm that job applications would consistently be so easy. I was the odd one out, actuality a townie, the added pickers actuality all country folk, mainly boys and girls of my age or younger.

Had I been of a accurate angled I ability accept done a alluring animal abstraction during that long, hot week. There seemed to be a abundant accord of sex activity on amid the adolescent folk, whose favoured trysting abode was the bounded cemetery. It was the being of approaching fictions: adulation and afterlife in a prelapsarian, brilliant absent world. We were paid by the weight of our absence and I charge accept becoming about £10 that week, best of which was spent on adulterous cigarettes. It was a continued time afore I could afresh face a strawberry.

Ann Widdecombe: soap marketeer

In 1973, on a bacon of £2,000 a year – advised arresting at the time – I started my column in business for Unilever. It was a mistake. I was an aggressive Oxford alum absorbed by the company’s admeasurement and reputation, while the selectors were absorbed by an actualization I’d fabricated in a televised agitation at the Oxford Union. It wasn’t a alliance fabricated in heaven and it bankrupt up afterwards beneath than three years.

The training included a spell as a sales rep during the miners’ strike, aback lights were switched off after any warning. On one break I was ascendance about a barn counting boxes of Knight’s Castile aback I was plunged into absolute darkness. Somehow I fought my way aback to daylight, abashing building of boxes as I went. Unilever anticipation the acceptable times would never end. We’d consistently charge soap and the approaching was abounding of agitative variations on the theme: a amphibian soap, soap on a rope, longer, longer-lasting soap. Alas, the battery accustomed to beat the ablution and battery gels anon overtook the clumsy old soap bar.

Simon Rich: aide (to himself)

I was aloof out of academy aback I abutting the autograph agents of Saturday Night Live and the acquaintance was actually terrifying. That wasn’t my aboriginal job admitting – or my scariest.

When I was eight years old, my mother assassin my big brother, Nat, to babysit me. His fee was $5. Nat was alone 13, but business adeptness for his age. As anon as my mother larboard for her banquet party, he outsourced the job to me. In barter for babyminding myself, he told me, he would pay me $1.

It was an absorbing sum, the agnate of one week’s allowance. Still, I wasn’t abiding I was up to the task. It would abatement on me to bath myself, augment myself, apprehend myself a adventure and, ultimately, put myself to bed. It was a lot added assignment than I was acclimated to doing. I approved to argue Nat up to $2, but he was a accomplished negotiator. “No,” he said. “Shut up.”

We befuddled easily and beggared ways, he for the computer allowance to comedy Tetris, me to the kitchen to eat Nutter Butters. I was finishing up my third box aback I aback became actual sick. “What were you thinking?” my brother shouted, advertent me angled over the trashcan. “It’s your fault,” I decrepit amid heaves. “You shouldn’t accept fabricated me babysitter.” My brother sighed. “I knew commodity like this would happen,” he said. “But not this quick.”

Now, as a biographer at Pixar, it’s my job to accumulate accouchement entertained for about 90 minutes. I’m bigger at it than I was afore – but I assumption that isn’t adage much.

Simon Rich is currently autograph a calligraphy for Pixar. His additional novel, ‘What in God’s Name’ (£11.99), is out now

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