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Welcome to the 53rd Grammy Awards, which will be featuring appearances and performances from some of the bigger names in music. Those names accommodate Eminem (who leads all nominees and who could accomplish history this evening), Lady Gaga (fresh off the premiere of her new distinct "Born This Way"), Rihanna, Drake, Arcade Fire, Cee Lo Green, Justin Bieber (who is currently in a knock-down, drag-out box appointment action with Adam Sandler's "Just Go With It" for the coveted aboriginal abode spot), Muse, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson and Bob Dylan (just for acceptable measure). It promises to be an eventful, celebrated night, and the MTV Newsroom Blog is activity to be adapted on top of all the best outstanding performances, bigger awards upsets and best absurd Grammy moments. The appearance consistently appearance a cardinal of surprises (both appointed and not), so it should be a fantastically absorbing three-and-a-half hours.

(Click actuality for all the best photos from the 53rd Grammy Awards red carpet, featuring Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and others!)

So grab a snack, able accessible a algid cooler and chase forth with the official Grammy Awards alive blog. Amid the advertisement and the MTV News correspondents on the arena (including Sway and James Montgomery), it should be accommodation abounding of reports, observations and behind-the-scenes tidbits that are abiding to accomplish your Grammy acquaintance complete.

11:28: Well, that was an abnormal evening, wasn't it? Stay acquainted to this amplitude and to MTV News for all the latest backstage gossip, interviews with the winners (and losers), tales from the after-parties and all the assay from one of music's bigger nights. Acknowledgment for blind out!

11:26: It has been a crazy year for Arcade Fire, who went to cardinal one on the Billboard chart, accent Lollapalooza and awash out Madison Square Garden. With this victory, they are now not aloof a band admired — they're one of the bigger bands in the world.

11:24: In an alarming upset, Arcade Blaze grab the Grammy for Album of the Year. They seems absolutely abashed at the development. They acknowledge Canada and acknowledgment to their instruments to comedy the appearance out. "We're gonna comedy addition song, because we adulation music," Win Butler says.

11:22: Were bodies absolutely clamoring for Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson to get aback together? In any event, they're actuality to accord out the award-winning for Album of the Year.

11:14: The army at the Staples Center has no abstraction what they are attractive at, partially because of the aberancy of Arcade Blaze and partially because of those strobe lights.

11:11: Jason Segel welcomes us to the Grammys over three hours into the show. He's actuality to cull aback the blind on Arcade Fire, who as we've been reminded all night are authoritative their Grammy Awards debut.

11:06: The alone affair larboard tonight is Arcade Fire's achievement and the accolade for Album of the Year. Who is activity to booty home the top award-winning of the night? Will Lady Antebellum abide their streak?

11:04: Congratulations to Lady Antebellum and "Need You Now." They're absolutely activity to win Album of the Year, aren't they?

11:02: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony appear out to accord out the accouterments for Record of the Year. This should go to Cee Lo, Eminem or Jay-Z, right?

11:01: Drake's ballad in "What's My Name" is appealing filthy, isn't it? Also, are they reenacting "The Wicker Man" abaft Rihanna?

10:58: Diddy (who has won three Grammys himself) introduces Rihanna and Drake, who are staging "What's My Name" about a behemothic bonfire. There has been an abominable lot of blaze tonight, right?

10:53: Eminem picks up addition accolade for Best Rap Album (it's the fifth of his career in this category). He gives backdrop to Rihanna, Dr. Dre, his producers, the admirers and Detroit.

10:50: Nicki Minaj and will.i.am are actuality to accord out the award-winning for Best Rap Album. Nicki's beard is crazy sick. And so is B.o.B's red banquet jacket.

10:46: Kris Kristofferson comes out to acquaint Barbra Streisand (who was MusiCares' Person of the Year). Streisand — who hasn't absent abundant in the articulate administration — to sing "Evergreen," which won a Grammy way aback in 1978.

10:42: During the break, Lady Gaga alternate to her bench and accustomed an embrace from none added than Justin Bieber. A abundant affair amid two of the bigger stars on the planet and a accurate Grammy moment.

10:38: Everyone in the architecture is on his or her anxiety for this Jagger performance, and he's giving that activity aback in spades.

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10:35: Whose cape was better: Janelle Monae's or Mick Jagger's? Like Dylan, Jagger still manages to aphorism every allowance he walks into.

10:32: Morrison allotment to the microphone to acquaint the "In Memoriam" segment, which appearance collapsed stars Lena Horne, Charlie Louvin, Teena Marie, Gerry Rafferty, Captain Beefheart, Alex Chilton and Ronnie James Dio. The montage ends with Solomon Burke, which gives way to Mick Jagger's accolade to the backward body legend.

10:28: "Glee" brilliant Matthew Morrison introduces NARAS admiral Neil Portnow to allocution about all the non-awards assignment the alignment does. He introduces the Grammy Jazz Ensemble and the Grammy Camp Band.

10:22: Esperanza Spalding aloof became the acknowledgment to a trivia question. Still, Drake did accord her a continuing acclaim aback she absolved by (that's guy's a pro).

10:20: That's addition all-encompassing continuing ovation. Abutting up on the docket? Jewel and John Legend, out to present the accolade for Best New Artist.

10:18: Welcome back, Dr. Dre. We absent you. Dre's access got the aforementioned affectionate of acknowledgment that the Undertaker consistently gets every time he comes aback afterwards a draft from the WWE (which is to say absolutely gigantic and abounding of awe).

10:17: Em's aboriginal ballad on "I Need a Doctor" charge already accept the award-winning for Ballad of the Year captivated up, right?

10:15: In a about-face of their VMA performance, Rihanna starts and again makes way for Eminem to storm the stage. Slim Shady seems abnormally aboriginal tonight.

10:12: Seth Rogen is here, and it's his aboriginal time at the Grammys. He jokes that he was aloof backstage accepting aerial with Miley Cyrus, which gets an abundantly aberrant reaction. He introduces Eminem, Dr. Dre and Rihanna (and Adam Levine!) for what may be the bigger achievement of the night.

10:05: "Need You Now" somehow beats both "F--- You" and abnormally "Love the Way You Lie," which is analytic but additionally somewhat disappointing. Eminem will aloof accept to draft everybody off the date during his achievement to accomplish his mark tonight.

10:02: Nothing will stop Keith Urban and John Mayer from assuming (along with Norah Jones). They rip through a adaptation of "Jolene" as a tip of the hat to Dolly Parton, who best up a Lifetime Achievement Grammy tonight. They're additionally presenting Song of the Year, one of the bigger awards of the night.

10:01: Perry has remained constant with Teenage Dream's bonbon theme, as her advancement dancers are dressed up like bonbon hearts.

10:00: Perry gets aloft aerial aloft the Staples Center attic while video of her bells to Russell Brand (who did a heck of a job on "Saturday Night Live" aftermost night) affectedness on a area abaft her. It's a alluringly accurate moment that gives way to "Teenage Dream," who she dedicates to "all the Valentine lovers."

9:57: Neil Patrick Harris is actuality to acquaint Katy Perry. He jokes that aloof aftermost anniversary he had sex with her (which is true, at atomic in the absoluteness of "How I Met Your Mother"). Perry sits on a exhausted (not clashing Britney Spears did on her Circus tour) for a run through "Not Like the Movies."

9:50: Cee Lo's accouterments is alike bigger aback he stands up! Turning it into a affiliation was a little awkward, but the achievement of "F--- You" was so surreal that it's adamantine not to adulation it.

9:47: Cee Lo is dressed as a peacock (but, you know, with a breast plate). For some reason, there's a pug boob dancing adapted abutting to his piano, which charge be appealing distracting. The Muppet advancement singers are appealing awesome.

9:46: Jamie Foxx (who is center to an EGOT) comes out to acquaint Cee Lo Green, Gwyneth Paltrow and some Muppets for what should be a active "F--- You."

9:44: Miley Cyrus and 75 percent of Kings of Leon — calm at last! They're actuality to accord out the award-winning for Best Country Album. Country music has gotten an abominable lot of face time tonight, hasn't it? Lady Antebellum's Need You Now wins.

9:39: "Glee" brilliant Leah Michele and Green Bay Packers brilliant Clay Matthews — calm at last! They acquaint Lady Antebellum, who pay accolade to Teddy Pendergrass.

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9:33: Dylan and aggregation aces up the third continuing acclaim of the night, and it is well-deserved. Dylan's abiding scowl is the best in all of bedrock history.

9:31: Alike afterwards bristles decades in the spotlight (think about that), Bob Dylan is still the best at best everything. He may accept absent a step, but he charcoal artlessly absorbing and powerful. "Maggie's Farm" is a abundant song choice.

9:28: Bodies who acquainted in to see Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Rihanna are apparently appealing abashed by the cardinal of banjos and beards on date adapted now. Still, both Mumford & Songs and Avett Brothers deserve to be heard, and this is by far their bigger acknowledgment yet.

9:24: David Letterman drops in with a Grammys-themed Top 10. Highlight? Lady Gaga and Lady Antebellum teaming up to anatomy "Lady Antegagum." Letterman again throws to Mumford & Sons, who will be abutting by Bob Dylan and Avett Brothers.

9:23: Gaga admits that aback she wrote "Born This Way," she envisioned Whitney Houston singing it. Also, was she cutting horns on her forehead?

9:22: Best Pop Articulate Album goes to Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster, which agency it's apparently time for an amazing accepting speech. Her accouterments is abundant — not absolutely a meat dress, but her molded buttocks are sublime. What did she say that bare to be bleeped out, viewers?

9:20: Selena Gomez and Donnie Wahlberg is a VMA-level pairing. They're actuality to accord out the accolade for Best Pop Articulate Album. Will Gomez duke it to admirer Bieber?

9:14: Paramore and somebody from "NCIS" are out to duke out the award-winning for Best Bedrock Album. Muse win the prize. Matt Bellamy tosses out a advertence to his abundant adherent (who is, of course, extra Kate Hudson).

9:12: Bieber allotment to advice Usher finish, and the army loves it. That's the additional continuing acclaim of the evening.

9:10: Jaden Smith's leopard-print pants are a adventurous choice. Will and Jada approve. Once Bieber and Smith are done, Usher takes the date cutting a dejected bodysuit. Amid this appearance and the Super Bowl, "OMG" has gotten an abominable lot of big-time acknowledgment in the accomplished few weeks.

9:08: The ninjas accommodate a alteration into "Never Say Never." The dancers (including a few fire-breathers) are dressed like Sub-Zero from "Mortal Kombat," which affectionate of rules.

9:06: Usher told Bieber, "If it was meant to be, again we'd be together." A nice segue into an accessible adaptation of "Baby." Of course, the ninjas with drums access adapted afterwards ... wait, what?

9:05: Eva Longoria comes out to acquaint Justin Bieber, Usher and Jaden Smith. Somebody messed up a cue, but we do get to see footage of Bieber singing for Usher in 2007 (props to his Toronto Maple Leafs shirt).

8:58: Zac Brown is actuality to accord out Best Female Articulate Country Performance. The award-winning goes to Miranda Lambert and "The House That Built Me."

8:57: The leash get a much-deserved continuing acclaim — Cyndi Lauper was abnormally excited.

8:55: Mars again tosses to Monae, who is cutting an amazing atramentous cape. She starts with "Cold War" (with Mars on drums) afore date diving on the mini pit in advanced of the stage. She acutely abstruse a affair or two about actuality a showman from her time on the alley with Prince.

8:52: Bruno Mars campaign through time (and accouterment into atramentous and white) for an old-school body adaptation of "Grenade." As abundant as the radio adaptation is, this assault it away. (Although R. Kelly's Sam Cooke accolade act charcoal hardly superior.)

8:50: Ryan Seacrest rolls out to bandy to B.o.B, Janelle Monae and Bruno Mars. The actuality that B.o.B is cutting a monocle is the best moment of the Grammys so far.

8:42: Kudos to Matt Bellamy for reminding the apple that there aren't about abundant double-necked guitars actuality played on civic TV. Also: FIRE!

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8:40: It looked like the guy with the stick was activity to approach "Soy Bomb," but he's acutely allotment of the show.

8:38: Lenny Kravitz comes out dressed as some array of glam bedrock caveman to acquaint Muse. Alike afterwards a year in abundant rotation, "Uprising" still sounds terrifying.

8:33: Blake Shelton comes out to acquaint Miranda Lambert (who is additionally his fiancé). "The House That Built Me" was a gigantic accident in the country apple but seemed to be missing that one x-factor that turns songs into crossover hits. The band about her asleep dog active in the backyard apparently didn't help.

8:27: Who abroad but Lady Gaga would be able to accomplish a aqueduct agency abandoned complete affectionate of badass?

8:25: That was a amazing (albeit short-lived) allotment of headgear. This is appealing easygoing for Gaga (especially compared to aftermost year's performance), but she charcoal the best activating alive aerialist in pop (and her pipes abide awfully great).

8:23: Ricky Martin is cutting the craziest pants in the history of crazy. That actuality said, that's an adapted apparel to be cutting to acquaint Lady Gaga (and her egg). It's "Born This Way" time! Put your paws up!

8:22: Pat Monahan channels Metallica by thanking Justin Bieber for not actuality a duo or group. He additionally acknowledgment Howard Stern for affidavit that will apparently be antiseptic later.

8:20: The Aretha Franklin accolade aggregation is aback (let's alarm them Fox Force 5 from now on). They'll be handing out the award-winning for Best Pop Achievement by a Duo or Group. Train account the win for the alive adaptation of "Hey Body Sister." No adulation for "The Alone Exception"?

8:13: Via a taped message, Aretha Franklin acknowledgment all the admirers for their cards, flowers and prayers (plus a appropriate shout-out to Clive Davis). She's in Detroit regaining her health, but she promises she'll be aback abutting year.

8:12: A accomplished agglomeration of awards accept already been accustomed out, including prizes for Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and the Atramentous Keys. One bummer? Herbie Hancock somehow exhausted out "Telephone" for Best Pop Collaboration. Really?!?!

8:09: Welch's own songs don't accept the aforementioned affectionate of blowing as "Think," but she's absolutely owning this song. And acutely Jennifer Hudson has a affair or two to add to "Respect" (and all of them are exceptional).

8:05: All bristles women complete abnormally on-point tonight, abnormally Florence Welch (who is lending a assertive chaste adroitness to the proceedings). Also, area did Aguilera get that microphone stand? It looks like a allotment of aroused bonbon (which agency it's awesome).

8:02: Justin Bieber is absolutely the Jack Nicholson of the Grammys tonight, as his all-white cape and advanced row bench angle out from the blow of the audience.

8:00: And we're live! The accolade to Aretha Franklin — which MTV Newsroom blog voters declared was the best hotly-anticipated achievement tonight — bliss off the show.

7:58: Anybody in the comments area appetite to booty bets on the acceptation of Lady Gaga's egg? It could end up actuality one of the evening's best developing stories.

7:54: Andy Rooney says, "I like movies that admonish me of article I apperceive about." His admired films accommodate "Barry Lyndon," "Jurassic Park" and "10,000 B.C."

7:48: Lady Gaga admits that she smokes a lot of pot while autograph music (though it's ambiguous she'll be accoutrement "Slave to the Traffic Light" any time soon).

7:00: Nicki Minaj aloof arrived. She has a beard appearance that's bisected bobcat print, bisected "Bride of Frankenstein," all blonde. The bobcat spots bout her dress, of course. Also, Nicki absolutely affective Snooki's boobs.

6:48: B.o.b and Paramore aloof exchanged pleasantries and handshakes on the carpet. Snooki absolutely capital to storm assimilate the alive beck and booty a photo with B.o.b.

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6:22: Continuing to body a arch with the indie community, Snooki aloof chatted up the guys in Vampire Weekend. We did apprentice that VW's admired "Jersey Shore" casting affiliate is Ronnie (except for Rostam, who loves Vinny) and that Snooki and Vinny aren't absolutely on the best terms. "It's hard, literally," she said.

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