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Emily Yoffe, aka Dear Prudence, is on Washingtonpost.com account to babble alive with readers. An edited transcript of the babble is below. (Sign up here to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox ceremony week. Read Prudie’s Slate columns here. Send questions to Prudence at prudence@slate.com.)

Q. I’m Not Actuality Abused!: My new bedmate and I adore actual asperous sex. Unfortunately—in animosity of efforts to accumulate quiet—my 12-year-old babe overheard us. I got alleged in for a clandestine affair with her abecedary alfresco of academy hours. She told me my babe heard her stepfather slapping me and was acutely upset. I was actually taken aback, not to acknowledgment ashamed above belief, and couldn’t anticipate of annihilation added than complain that I was accomplished and aggregate was accomplished at home. Of course, this abandoned fabricated the abecedary accept I was aggravating to awning up the “abuse” and told me afresh she was there to advice ashamed I was ready. I apperceive I can’t aloof let my babe abide assertive her mother is actuality abused, and I actually don’t appetite this affectionate abecedary to be anxious over a complete misunderstanding. However I aloof don’t apperceive how to begin. Please help.

A: I’ve got to adore your daughter’s equanimity and crisis administration skills; that was a actual difficult accommodation for her to make. She allegation accept advised activity to you, but afresh assured that if you were actuality abused, you acceptable you would awning up for your husband. So instead of squirming every night about what was activity on in your bedroom, she went to a acute abode for help. Now it’s time for an honest, if succinct, babble with your daughter. You should acclaim her for her affair for you and for authoritative a boxy choice. Acquaint her that you were abashed and ashamed at the meeting—which is not her fault!—so you weren’t as clear as you admired you had been. Say that you accept what she heard abashed her, and it’s your albatross for not actuality added discreet. But explain to her that aggregate that is activity on is actually consensual, you adulation her stepfather, and you are not actuality aching in any way. Acquaint her that now that you’ve aired this, you achievement she will feel chargeless to appear to you with annihilation that worries her. You afresh can alarm the abecedary and say that because you were taken ashamed at the affair you were not as clear as would accept liked, but answer it to say aggregate that’s activity on in your home is amid acknowledging adults and your babe now understands that. Afresh get some sound-proofing, or a complete apparatus for ashamed you and your bedmate accept blatant nocturnal pleasures.

Q. My Sister’s Bells or My Mother’s?: My sister and the adulation of her activity are activity to get affiliated this winter. Our accomplished ancestors is actual blessed about it, abnormally my mom. Ashamed my parents got affiliated added than 20 years ago there was not abundant money. Aggregate was nice and happy, but boilerplate abreast the dream bells my mom consistently wanted. The family’s banking bearings has bigger decidedly ashamed afresh and it seems my mother assuredly wants the bells of her dreams—even if it’s not actually hers. My parents are advantageous for everything, but my mom wants aggregate her way. My sister, who has a bendable heart, is accommodating to let her accept it her way. The approaching son-in-law is addition story. He wants no allotment of what he calls “a Ken and Barbie nightmare” and thinks a bells should aboriginal of all reflect helpmate and groom. He alike went so far as to action to pay all the bills out of his own pocket. Mom is furious, but he won’t ashamed down. My poor sister is so agitated about all of this, she’s because abandoning the accomplished wedding. I would be beholden for any suggestions to break this blend and accord my sister a bells that doesn’t accord her nightmares for years to come.

A: There are abundant acquaint actuality for your sister and her husband. One, if you’re old abundant to get married, you’re old abundant to acquaint your mother, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Two, if addition is acrimonious up the tab, they get to be in control. Three, if a helpmate is allotment amid authoritative her absurd mother blessed and balmy her groom, she needs to refocus her priorities.

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It’s admirable if a couple’s parents can advice them with bells expenses, but not if the amount is that they are advised like pawns at their own event. Because bodies are accepting affiliated later, it’s added accepted for the brace to pay for their own wedding, which I anticipate is a acceptable trend. Your sister may be soft-hearted, but she’s activity to assume soft-headed if she can’t abound up abundant to abstracted from her mother to be in allegation of her own wedding. You can acquaint your sister you’re apologetic to see her so afflicted and advice her in advancing up with a alley map for ambidextrous with mom, demography charge, or eloping. But you don’t appetite to booty over the job of arty your own wishes on her. You appetite to abutment her in acquainted that she’s a developed up, and needs to alpha acting like one.

Q. Abode Bedfellow Exhaustion: My accompany and I went to apprentice in a baby academy boondocks and accept ashamed all confused on to altered cities beyond the U.S. Occasionally, we’ll biking to see ceremony added and the time spent is a abundant way to strengthen the accord band that gets absent sometimes due to ambit and aloof activity in general. In antecedent years, it fabricated acceptable banking faculty to extend our “weekend” visits to Thursday through Monday morning because those flights tend to be cheaper than weekend fares. This was a absolute set up while distinct and active alone. But, now that I’m affiliated and accept two toddlers at home, this is added than a angle ashamed it comes to hosting abode guests. I actually adulation the befalling to absorb time with friends, but badly charge to at atomic accept my Sunday afternoons or aboriginal evenings to get able for the week. Continuing the hosting gig throws things into a bit of a tailspin, and I’m larboard activity accusable that I’m accomplishing a base job of both demography affliction of my "home" responsibilities and actuality a acceptable host. Is there any way that I can affect aloft accompany advancing to appointment that blockage until Monday morning actually isn’t the best abstraction anymore afterwards causing aching feelings?

A: If you’re at the age that you accept baby accouchement underfoot, I’m abashed that your academy accompany themselves don’t charge to get out of boondocks on Sunday in adjustment to be at assignment on Monday. You handle this by cogent them you’re aflame about the appointment and you attending advanced to communicable up Thursday through Sunday morning. If they say they charge to break until Monday you say that you can accredit them to some low amount cabin options for that aftermost night, but you’ve got to appear to added actuality starting at Sunday noon. If this loses you your friendships, afresh I achievement you are award a association of bodies whose aggregation you enjoy—but who apperceive ashamed to leave—where you are. 

Q. Judgement About Acquaintance Choices: My sister and I are new academy grads aloof starting out. We’ve absitively to be attached in adjustment to move out of our mom’s abode and get started. The both of us are acclimated to actuality about ceremony added acutely and accept acquaintance active a domiciliary together. My mother was actual ailing ashamed I was starting out in college. Bodies about anticipate I amplify ashamed I say we ran the domiciliary for about two years. But our accompany anticipate it’s somewhat awe-inspiring for sisters to be attached out in “the absolute world.” Personally I couldn’t anticipate of a bigger roommate. I apperceive I can await on her and she feels the aforementioned about me. Is this actually so awe-inspiring for sisters to be roommates?

A: What a aberrant canyon we’ve appear to ashamed two sisters who adulation ceremony other, get forth great, and accept been through a lot calm adjudge to basin their assets and their accompany are calumniating them for this. Please don’t pay any absorption to them and shut bottomward the conversation. And if they don’t appetite to let it go, assignment on accretion your amphitheater of friends.

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Q. Re: Mother of the bride: This was a subplot in a cine years ago alleged In and Out, in which a man is abashed to abort his ancestors by advancing out as gay—in allotment because his mother never had her dream bells and was cloudburst all of her bells dreams into planning his wedding. The cine ends, of course, with a attractive ceremony—the man comes out and his mother and ancestor renew their vows by accepting the bells of her dreams. That sounds like a absolute band-aid for this couple.

A: Not to me. I’ve mentioned afore that vow renewals generally end up actuality a commencement to a divorce, so I’m arguable about them. But if a brace wants to accept one, I anticipate it should be kept small. I can’t brainstorm why anyone wants to see a long-married brace pretend to ally ceremony added again. This is why we accept the accident accepted as an ceremony party. I assumption I should aloof be beholden that bodies aren’t absorbed in re-enacting their proms.

Q. What to Acquaint Nosy Onlookers: I am out of assignment and aggressively looking. My affair is that so abounding “helpful” bodies appetite to allocution about this afresh and again, asking, “have you begin a job yet?” It’s angrily black to be out of work, and makes me feel worse ashamed bodies accumulate asking. My bedmate thinks I should accept a snarky acknowledgment able like, “Yeah, I’m aloof not cogent anyone about it.” What say you?

A: It’s one affair if they are saying, “Have your unemployment allowances run out?” “You on aliment stamps yet?” “Have you heard how absurd it is for the abiding unemployed to anytime get hired?” It’s addition if they’re aloof inquiring because they care, but you acquisition it stings because you don’t accept acceptable news. However, giving a snarky acknowledgment is your affliction strategy. Turn these anxious bodies into job chase engines. Acquaint them that you’re still looking, and afresh ask if they apperceive anyone in your band of assignment who you could allocution to. I did a adventure a brace of years ago on how bodies out of assignment for a continued time got their jobs. Abounding of them had success belief out of afterward every accessible lead, no amount how tenuous, such as contacting that acquaintance of a friend.

Q. Re: Sunday hosting: Or aloof acquaint your accompany that afterwards Sunday breakfast, they are acceptable to adhere out but are on their own as you charge to do affairs and get accessible for work. This abandoned works if you are able to amusement them like ancestors and not guests.

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A: Lots of bodies are arguing for a non-hostess Sunday afternoon—that is the bedfellow is told accurately to bulwark for herself. Ideally, the accord with old accompany should be of the array that the hostess carves out chunks of time to bolt up, afresh explains there will be added times she’s angry up with ancestors duties and the company can appear to herself. But it’s additionally fair abundant that if the hostess wants the appointment to end Sunday morning, that’s ashamed it should end and there should be no adamantine feelings. 

Teenage Daughter:
I accept a admirable boyish babe who’s able and well-rounded, and for the best allotment we get forth actually well. Her biological ancestor was a acceptable acquaintance of mine, and she was the artefact of a one-night stand. Continued ago, my bedmate volunteered to pay best of my daughter’s support, because her ancestor had two added children. Her ancestor does advice out some financially and sees my babe ashamed his activity is not too animated with his own teenagers. She and her stepfather are abutting so she never seemed agitated by this. However, ashamed she came home from her aftermost visit, she told me that she capital to alive there. She said that they hug her added there, and that they absorb added time accomplishing activities with her. I was floored! I cried and larboard the room, not alive what to say. I accept never bad-mouthed her father, and wasn’t about to, but I am furious. Her ancestor has never been a approved attendance in her life, and her stepfather and I are the ones who accomplish abiding she has aggregate she wants. Or advance we are additionally the ones who conduct her, and accomplish her accept responsibilities. I don’t appetite her to go, but should I let her? Or should I let her see that the grass is not consistently greener on the added side? 

A: Of advance your daughter’s plan aching you, abnormally with the little dig about adhering and fun. But one of a teenager’s jobs is to abstracted from her parents, and she has a acutely absolute befalling to abstracted from you while abutting with the abroad ancestor from whom she’s appealing abundant consistently been separated. So dry your tears, put abreast your hurt, and allocution to her. Acquaint her that you adulation her, you abandoned accept a few added years with her beneath your roof, and you were so taken ashamed by her plan that you cried. Afresh say you’re now accessible to accept a absolute conversation. You charge to acquisition out whether this is a plan she’s adapted up, or whether this is article that’s been discussed at the home of her biological father. It could be that this is a fantasy she harbors, but bio dad and his wife accept no affairs to booty on addition teen. In any case, a babble is a continued way from a accommodation to move out. I anticipate there’s a abundant added accustomed compromise: her visits can be added approved with her biological father, and added continued over the summer and holidays—depending on whether her ancestor and his wife appetite that. Afresh be accessible to discussing the things that she brand about actuality there (lack of responsibilities may be one!). But if she wants added concrete affection, acquaint her you’re animated she told you, and afterwards behaving too unnaturally, accord some added hugs. If she brand outings, don’t archetype theirs, but say, “You’re right, we charge to do added fun things together, so acknowledgment for the nudge.” 

Q. Re: To Acquaintance question: Aloof to accord you some perspective, I alive in South America, and active with one’s affinity (whether of the aforementioned sex or adverse sex) is actually normal—in fact, apparently alike added accepted than active with a friend. So don’t change a thing!

A: Interesting, thanks. And two adolescent adults who aren’t accepting to alive in their parents’ home is to be celebrated!

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Emily Yoffe: Thanks, everyone. Accept a abundant week. Next week’s babble will be on Tuesday because of Memorial Day.

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